Sunday 26 August 2012

Werk It

I once had a good friend come to me proclaiming that she felt lost because she hadn’t figured out her style. She said that she felt like a fraud, a try-hard and didn’t understand how people just fit so naturally into particular style niches. She felt that she was studying trends and rote learning outfits but not really possessing it internally. She wondered how does a Ksubi customer become a Ksubi customer? Did they just pop out of the womb in some slick ass jeans, tees and that beachy long hair?

Moschino vintage jacket
We Rob Banks shirt
Ksubi jeans
Dr Martens boots
Romance Was Born backpack
I found this really interesting because I think that this applies to the majority of people. How does anyone figure out their own personal style if they don’t experiment with trends, look for guidance in style icons or generally fake it till they make it? I mean, I constantly look back on my outfits two/three years ago and cringe, and I will most likely again, in two years cringe at what I wore today. It’s a learning process where you find out what works for you, makes you feel good and you are comfortable with.

Finding your own unique style is never set in stone, it constantly changes and adapts as you grow in life. I like to look at life as one big catwalk, most likely because I like to think of myself as a model. But in any catwalk there are multiple change overs and looks. Maybe you get lucky and you are booked exclusively for one designer for your whole catwalk life. So the next 10 years you end up wearing drapey outfits in fifty shades of black (not grey). But I think most people fall into the average model life. They get booked for a wide range of clients and end up wearing everything from bold colours to florals to nothing but black. 

Awesome bomber jacket don't ya think?
When  I wore this outfit one of my friends said,
“I love that jacket but im not sure about the floral shirt underneath”
To which my other friend rebutted,
But it’s so Dang!”

It was interesting to see that people have a better idea of what my style is than I do. When I get asked to describe my style I always stumble and don’t know what to say. It’s a tricky question. I don’t really have a style icon, I don’t have a particular aesthetic which I can pigeon hole myself into, and I don’t shop exclusively at a few shops/designers. To be honest I would actually describe myself as a little of everything.

Even drag... (refer to picture below)

An Ode to No One blazer
Sportsgirl shirt
Sass & Bide draped pants
Wittner velvet boots
Photographs by Lola.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Warmer Winter Weather

I always grew up preferring winter. Probably because I could always handle the freezing temperature over the sweltering heat. Or maybe it's because it gave me an excuse to layer and wear all my favorite clothes simultaneously and not look stupid... well less stupid. And as I've always said, you can always add more clothing but theres only so much you can take off. But for some reason this winter hasn't gone to my liking. It's been a bit too cold. No really, I'm freezing my tits off

Nathan Smith Shirt
Cheap Monday denim button up
Libertine - Libertine Coat
Edwin jeans
Doc Martens
Luckily though, the weather has gotten warmer allowing me to venture out of my house in something a bit more fashionable than my trackies and ugg boots. I present to you, round two of my more masculine aka straight male aka casual attire

Everyone knows that next to flannel and being in a constant state of shirtless-ness, double denim is up there as one of those key heterosexual outfits. (Not really, I kinda just made that up) So I took out the denim button up shirt and paired it with some jeans in the same shade of grey to increase my masculinity. I figured it would dramatically reduce my chances of being king-hit whilst venturing in Kings Cross. Did it work? Can you actually notice me or do I blend into the background?

Also to help with lowering my threat levels to intoxicated individuals, I decided to bring the biggest distraction known to man. Cute little Asian girl in tight fitting clothes. However after a few too many cocktails at Johnny Wong's Dumpling Bar all the photos I took of Lola were incredibly out of focus. So just imagine a cute little Asian girl. It ain't hard. Here's another picture of me to make up for it.

How have I not been signed up with a modelling agency yet?!
Romance Was Born backpack
Here's a snapshot of some of the things we've been doing:

Who Shot the Serif exhibition launch at He Made She Made Gallery

Oxford St National Park by Under New Management
Johnny Wong's Dumpling Bar launch party
Ksubi Bad Sports launch party Christine Centenera (photo by Rockett Weijers)
Ante Magazine Issue 3 launch party at The Backroom
Trekking all over Sydney in style รก la The Beatles, ovbs.

Photographs by Lola.

Tuesday 14 August 2012


Jack London Coat
Vintage shirt
Ksubi Jeans
Dr Marten boots
Berry smoothie
Something you should know about us is that we don't back down. When we say we will do it, we will do it*. So when we asked you guys if Lola should buzz the sides of her head skin short we weren't mucking around.  And so due to the flood of comments agreeing about how much of a sick bitch she would look**, we took a quick trip down to the barbers to cut it***.

And how amazing does she look. I was actually a little bit jealous because her hair looked better than mine now.  She can definitely rock the undercut. Also mean how many people can say they have left the fate of their precious hair to the readers of a blog! That's real dedication there. We da numba 1 blog of all tym.

This haircut proved a problem though. Now the question of if we are related, dating or even siblings increased dramatically. We even got a question if we were twins. Now that was a first.

Joveeba knit dress
Lioness blazer
French Connection scarf
ASOS boots
Sunglasses from eBay

* The other time I asked you guys a question, it was if I should remove the pocket from my shirt. I didn't go through with that even though the majority of comments said I should. I mean pockets don't grow back, hair does.
** I lied. We actually had no comments about Lola cutting her hair at all :(
*** I lied again. I actually cut her hair while she slept. She had no choice

Thursday 9 August 2012

What do I do?

I find the question, "So what do you do?" a very hard question to answer. What do I do? My twitter bio says I'm a full time underwear model trying to be more than just a bulge, my mum thinks I'm a drug dealer and my boss hasn't even outlined what my role in the company is! Even my own bio on the blog isn't much help either. 

So to find some answers and hot surfers, I thought I would venture out of my comfort zone, the city and out to the far lands of the Shire. And no, off course I didn't go by myself, I didn't want to die. Luckily, Lucia Pang* was there to guard me from all the scary people. In saying that, all the people that I crossed paths with on the day were overtly friendly and nice. Probably to lower my guard and pounce when I wasn't alert. Probably...

Whilst there I was also able to try my hand at styling! I mean, how hard could it be? Look at Rachel Zoe, she is pretty successful at it and she can't be that intelligent, she only has a vocabulary consisting of eight words; "Oh my god" "I die" "That is, Ba - nan - as".

It is something I would definitely love to pursue though, since playing dress ups with freckle-faced Georgia was too much fun. I guess I'll be adding that to my long short list of talent.

Provocator Dress
My sisters stolen jewellery
Provocator Sheer Pants
Provocator play suit
Maskarada bracelet
You can check out more photos from the shoot at the photographers blog.

*No, Lucia Pang is not another name for Lola Li