Sunday 26 August 2012

Werk It

I once had a good friend come to me proclaiming that she felt lost because she hadn’t figured out her style. She said that she felt like a fraud, a try-hard and didn’t understand how people just fit so naturally into particular style niches. She felt that she was studying trends and rote learning outfits but not really possessing it internally. She wondered how does a Ksubi customer become a Ksubi customer? Did they just pop out of the womb in some slick ass jeans, tees and that beachy long hair?

Moschino vintage jacket
We Rob Banks shirt
Ksubi jeans
Dr Martens boots
Romance Was Born backpack
I found this really interesting because I think that this applies to the majority of people. How does anyone figure out their own personal style if they don’t experiment with trends, look for guidance in style icons or generally fake it till they make it? I mean, I constantly look back on my outfits two/three years ago and cringe, and I will most likely again, in two years cringe at what I wore today. It’s a learning process where you find out what works for you, makes you feel good and you are comfortable with.

Finding your own unique style is never set in stone, it constantly changes and adapts as you grow in life. I like to look at life as one big catwalk, most likely because I like to think of myself as a model. But in any catwalk there are multiple change overs and looks. Maybe you get lucky and you are booked exclusively for one designer for your whole catwalk life. So the next 10 years you end up wearing drapey outfits in fifty shades of black (not grey). But I think most people fall into the average model life. They get booked for a wide range of clients and end up wearing everything from bold colours to florals to nothing but black. 

Awesome bomber jacket don't ya think?
When  I wore this outfit one of my friends said,
“I love that jacket but im not sure about the floral shirt underneath”
To which my other friend rebutted,
But it’s so Dang!”

It was interesting to see that people have a better idea of what my style is than I do. When I get asked to describe my style I always stumble and don’t know what to say. It’s a tricky question. I don’t really have a style icon, I don’t have a particular aesthetic which I can pigeon hole myself into, and I don’t shop exclusively at a few shops/designers. To be honest I would actually describe myself as a little of everything.

Even drag... (refer to picture below)

An Ode to No One blazer
Sportsgirl shirt
Sass & Bide draped pants
Wittner velvet boots
Photographs by Lola.


  1. I have no niece and I often ponder if we'd have a "style" if we were thin know people who can wear anything...I just wear what ever fits (which is NOT my jeans at the moment...oh dear).

  2. I love your Jacket. Is Fabulous!

  3. Loving your jacket!
    Great post lovely, really interesting to read :)
    Haha I love the whole 'It's so Dang' thing - it should become a fashion meme hehe

  4. Love the outfit. The vintage jacket is super awesome! I love your style


  5. I want that jacket. it's amaziiiing!

    If you want we can follow each other also on Twitter and Facebook if you want. Let me know! :-)
    WhiteCloset Fashion Blog

  6. Great Jacket MR DANG!! Atm i still am not sure if I have a particular style seeing as I love a variety of things.

  7. Love your jacket! I'm pretty confident in my style, but it does change depending on my mood :)

    xx maggie

  8. I am so utterly in love with your bomber jacket - it is INCREDIBLE! I kinda assume that most of us are drones to anything put together in a window display. But I've learnt not to follow trends but just use what works for me to continue with that, and if I do explore trends, then interpret it to work for me and not just drown myself in neon or pastels or w/e. I agree, it is much a learning process as it is for anyone :) But don't you love the idea of cringing a few years from now thinking 'What the hell was I wearing' when back then, it made so much sense? I love your catwalk adage, how reflective of our wardrobes is it? I love Lola's blazer, the colbalt colour is so eyecatching! But I loved this post, loved reading it and nodding my head along to every sentence haha :)

  9. Totes Dang?
    hashtagtotesdang? Could catch on :)
    Enjoyed reading your thoughts about personal style and its constant evolution.
    It's so strange I think back to two years ago and remember at the time I thought I was the shit and so fash. But in hindsight I was #frumptastic. Haha.
    I don't think we'll ever have that signature 'style' - I think it constantly changes, as we do, as we mature and we learn from life and also because the world around us is changing. If that makes sense.

  10. dat bomber is perfff.

  11. I understand every word you wrote, and your outfits is gourgous!!

  12. rad print on that jacket.
    me wants!


  13. Yeah I fully understand what you mean! I myself don't know 100% what my style is, I go through phrases...goth, hippy, skate rat, minimal...and it can be confusing!
    "it's so dang!" haha new catch phrase :)
    The pattern clashing is sweet as, the jacket-very cool. Your friend is an utter babe too.

  14. Wow, what a fantastic post. It is so refreshing to actually read something meaningful on a fashion blog, even better when I relate to it! I completely agree with everything you said, I still have no idea what my 'style' is, although I think I have a more seasoned style compared to a few years ago.
    And that floral shirt is definitely dang!

  15. That jacket is amazing on you. Love it! She's super pretty too! Love her hair1 PS. I'd love for you to come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  16. You've mentioned some great words in regards to suiting myself to a particular style... I'm still figuring one now as we speak. But it's funny how you talked about it because unconsciously it has been on the back of my mind.. I must admit. Great outfit to the both of you!

  17. amazing looks! I agree with your post. My style is constantly changing and I am never set to one definite style

  18. so many good points in this post. i think style is such an amazing thing - it depends on so many things and is such a great reflection, for some people, of who you are and your past in a way.

    i love this jacket you are wearing - your style is amazing!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  19. Enjoy that jacket on you mr.

    xoxo Domenic