Monday 26 March 2012

Romance with Rottweilers

Givenchy Rottweiler top
Romance was Born jeans
Thrifted Doc Marten boots
This Rottweiler top has given me problems. Problems that only girls who look into their wardrobe full of clothes and declare they have nothing to wear can relate too. The issue is that I never know what to wear with it... black skinnies with a black leather jacket I hear you say? Something like this? After a while it becomes boring and typical, a little bit cliche. So when I came across these amazing jeans by Australian designer, Romance was Born, I knew I had found the perfect solution to my first world problem.

One thing that I love about Australian designers, we have a lot of labels that fill that gap in market between overly expensive god tier labels like Prada and Givenchy and run out of the mill basics. Romance was Born is an amazing label by designers Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, who famously declined an internship with John Galliano. Their collections are full of exquisite details that transcend the barriers of trends to produce amazing garments - for example, these jeans come from their Happy Campers collection, which takes inspiration from folk craft in the seventies, girl scouts and the great outdoors.

Monday 19 March 2012

Deep Fried Orgasm on a Stick

Thrifted brogues
Brooksfield chinos
Brooksfield Jumper
Thrifted knit tie

Deep fried Golden Gaytime. Need I say more? When my friend Lola, suggested we go to the Abercombie to try their artery-clogging deep fried ice-cream, strange sounds involuntarily escaped my mouth. I could not contain my excitement.

Never did I think that this moment would happen, so naturally I wanted our first encounter to be special and romantic. Like something out of The Notebook. I decided to dress a bit more presentable, which involved rummaging around to find my knit tie and some slacks that weren’t jeans. Yes this is my version of formal. Needless to say, our relationship was doomed from the start and I could not help but devour it within the first thirty seconds :(

Sunday 11 March 2012

Floral Fabrics featuring Frightfully Fugly Pockets

Burberry Floral Shirt
Thrifted Polo Ralph Lauren Knit Cardigan
Lee Jeans
Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes
Whenever I contemplate about wearing one of my floral shirts, I can't help but recall a particular line from The Devil Wears Prada movie, delivered by Meryl Streep with disdainful precision.

Now I'm not quite sure why this little line has struck a chord with me, but after acquiring a large collection of floral shirts during the summer break, I can't help but feel like she was talking directly to me. Am I being unoriginal wearing floral? Should I opt for plaid instead? Or maybe I should just go for the understated basics. Curse you Miranda Priestly for making me second guess my outfits! Luckily here in the southern hemisphere, we have now moved into Autumn and her words no longer echo in my head. (OK, I lied, the voices will never go away but now I feel less guilty about wearing floral patterns)

So when my friend suggested to go out for dinner during another day of torrential rain, I thought I'd be ironically original and wear my floral shirt in such gloomy weather. This particular shirt I chose has come under some harsh criticism, people tend to really dislike the pocket and comment on how it reminds them of pyjamas. Many friends have even suggested that I should unpick the seams and remove it all together! Only one person I've discussed this with actually likes the pocket and how it matches the detailing around the inside of the collar. So should I? Please voice your opinions and let me know what you think of the said pocket.

The offender. Photographs by Lola.

Thursday 8 March 2012

Eastpak Launch Party

The torrential rain didn't do much to deter us or anyone else from hitting up the Eastpak launch party in Alexandria last week, held in a warehouse that was beautifully refurbished from a ship construction site into this cosy space. Eastpak established themselves in 1960 designing US military gear and then soon migrated into the more commercial and profitable territory of college backpacks and messenger bags. Known for being durable, each item comes with a thirty year warranty. Thirty years, I kid you not. Talk about a sound investment. The preview displayed pieces from the SS12/13 collection, featuring collaborations with Kris Van Assche (artistic director for Dior Homme), Kenzo and WoodWood.

Saint Augustine Academy shirt
Brent Wilson bow tie
Wrangler skinny jeans
Yves Saint Laurent boots
Brooke wears:
 American Apparel Dress
Therapy Heels
Lola wears:
Stylestalker blouse
Kate Moss for Topshop shorts
Holly wears:
Romance was Born dress

Since Eastpak is more of an urban street label I thought it would be fitting to wear a ghetto thug outfit, however sadly my wardrobe does not accommodate for such dope items so I wasn't left with many options. I decided to don my Brent Wilson bow tie and though it is hardly "street", my justification is that the pattern is achieved through spray paint stencils and you can't get much more ghetto than spray painting. I teamed it up with my Saint Augustine academy shirt - it brandishes these pleather shoulder panels which I think are a-mazing little details that differentiates it from being just another white shirt. Sadly, I recently learnt that Saint Augustine Academy has since gone out of business :(

What is even more unfortunate though, is that while I was being all charming and cute with the security guard, I leant back on the roller door hinges at the entrance and received a fat mould stain on the back of the shirt :( :(

Major crime against fashion

The party however, was fabulous; dishing out Peroni, Chateau Du Faucon and MOTIF wine, and Jameson scotch and dry cocktails as well as delicious, delicious free food - a stunning spread of French cheeses, cured meats, olives, fruit, and bread by Luxe. Did I mention it was all free? I think this is my fourth post declaring my absolute love for free things. Even better when the free things are being served too you by attractive bartenders... free food, drinks and attractive men at the same time? Yes please. Thank you to Lola at Figs & Brie for these photos, you can blame her for the gratuitous amount of food pornography. And human pornography:

Saturday 3 March 2012

Galaxy Prints and Shop Till You Drop

Subfusco Digital Fire Tee
Wrangler Black Skinnies
Dr. Martens boots
Vintage Bag

On the hottest day this summer, with the temperature hitting well over 30 degrees, I ventured out of my little protective air-con home, into a hot tin train and off into the city to meet my lovely friend Charlotte Koch. I wore my amazing Subfusco Digital Fire tee, because I thought It would help you guys comprehend the sheer hotness of the day. But to be truthful, I personally think the top looks more like a galaxy print than fire. I first laid eyes on this beauty around about five months ago when I was a dresser for Mercedez Benz Fashion Festival. After scouring the internet trying to locate the source of this visualgasm I had to then endure another long wait for it to finally be released on their online store. Finally, after many sleepless nights I had one express posted to my door. The back is actually quite different to the front, it's more teal in colour and has a somewhat futuristic print. But we forgot to take a photo so you will have to just believe me.

Also let me just say that my friend Charlotte, is so amazingly beautiful inside and out and is so, so, so artistically talented. Proven in the fact that she came second in the state for Visual Arts in the HSC. I can confidently say that she will be doing amazing things with her life.

I mean look at this painting.

And what's even worse is she is talented in every medium imaginable. She even made her own outfit out of a table cloth her host family in Japan gave her when she lived there several years ago. How cute is this DIY top? The cat print is just so adorable and I love the boxy cut of the top. Damn, attractive, talented people :(

Soon enough after getting our daily fill of Starbucks frappuccinos and venturing into the terrifying wilderness of Hyde Park's bush, she soon grew bored of me and left me to fend for myself :( Luckily I had scheduled to meet another of my close friends Michael Day, who is almost as amazing as Charlotte. Almost.

After a quick dinner at Mamak we headed to the Ivy Den to for canap├ęs and yes, I know. We moved from eating at one location to another for the entirety of the day but whatever, we went for the free talk "Shopaholics Anonymous: Voguish fads and fashion faux pas" hosted by the editor of Shop Till You Drop, Justine Cullen; Fashion Publicist, Sarah Stavrow; and model April Rose Pengily. They discussed current trends, designers and tips and tricks to shop online and I absolutely fell in love with Justine Cullen, she was such a great speaker and was so poised, confident and funny. She was simply lovely and I would recommend the magazine purely on the basis of how well-presented she was (though it's actually a really good magazine). Here's a snap of us with her!

Michael and I with the editor of Shop Till You Drop, Justine Cullen