Wednesday 30 November 2011


At first when i saw the GIVENCHY fall/winter 2011 Rotteiler shirt i wasn't that impressed. I've never been a big fan of graphic tee's, insisting that they were more suited towards the 13 yr old fashionably unconscious teens of society. Yet it soon grew on me and suddenly it turned into an OBSESSION, a piece of item that i must have. This obsession may or may not have been assisted by the fact that Kanye West wore the same shirt.  And then with relentless searching and complaining, i finally found one at a non ridiculously expensive inflated price.

Givenchy Rottweiler Top
Random leather jacket
Levi Skinnies
Jeffery Campbell Boots

I decided to wear it to Sculptures by the Sea in Bondi for the first time with my friends Katrina and Louise. It was so freaken windy, I felt like a hurricane was about to spring out of no where. I was getting whipped constantly by little pebbles and rocks all over my body the whole day. Luckily I was more than fully covered, unlike my friend Katrina who had the pleasure of being pelted by those rocks all over her legs. To add to her shame her skirt kept rising up as well. I was also quite disappointed by this years work, with very few sculptures that caught my attention.