Friday 27 January 2012

Lizards and Flowers and stuff

Thrifted Paul Smith top
Thrifted Sass and Bide jeans
Thrifted Brogues
Recreational cube necklace and vampire teeth ring

Random market leather necklace

Happy Australia Day for yesterday guys! WEWT! So I thought that this year, instead of my usual ensemble of gift wrapping myself in the Australian Flag for anyone and everyone, that I would attempt to appear some what normal at my friends party which just happened to be in the shire. And boy did I fit in. (heavy sarcasm here guys) But in all seriousness, Australia Day is a great day to celebrate the multicultural-ness of our community and all the lovely, diverse people that are part of it, even if that does include bogans <3.

So I decided to wear one of the newest editions to my wardrobe on this special day, my Paul Smith floral shirt which I found for so cheap on eBay. You can find so many good bargains on eBay seriously. And my PS shirt has to be one of the nicest shirts I have ever owned. Its 100% cotton but the weave or something is just so beautiful and nice it feels like silk on my skin. Add the fact that the floral shirt also has mother-freaken awesome lizards on it as well, just makes it such a sick shirt.

I also decided to combine it with some jewellery cause I was feeling very adventurous and shit. This was my first time doing the double-necklace thang. I decided to have a very structural necklace (the recreational cube one) against a very organic looking necklace (random market one) to create a bit of juxtaposition. In addition I teamed it up with the recreational vampire teeth ring which I'm currently in lurveeeeeeeeee with. Recreational Boutique is this little small shop at the bottom of Sydney City Westfield that sell some really cool jewellery for heaps cheap. which is just plain awesome.

Also what is with Sydney's weather lately? It's so bipolar seriously. Raining one moment and hot the next! Makes deciding what to wear ever so hard. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!