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About Me
I remember the first time someone ever asked me my A/S/L on AOL chess. I proceeded to give them my exact name, date of birth and my residential address right to the last digit. Why am I retelling this story? Well just so that you can understand how foolish I am. That's basically who I am. A foolish, Public Communications majoring in PR, gaysian, in denial about age, sydney-sider-student. Oh and my name is Joseph. :D

Also the other girl that gets featured on this, Lola, is actually my female alter-ego who comes out when I get a bit too drunk. I'm kidding. She's a food enthusiast and many people mistake us for lovers, siblings or tourists. Many thanks to her and her wonderful photographic and sartorial contributions to this blog.

Contact Me
If you would like to send me declarations of love, job opportunities as your sexy secretary/housemaid/gardener and other cute, cheesy crap then mail it to joseph@colourmedang.com

Otherwise you can follow my ramblings on the twittersphere @colourmedang

Oh, and I'm not taking any more marriage proposals for now. Sorry! But check back soon!