Thursday 28 February 2013

Valentines Gay

 Joseph wears:
Vintage shirt
Wrangler Jeans
Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes
A stolen bouquet of flowers
An empty bottle of wine

Flowers sprouted from my chest because I'm just that damn adorable

This was originally going to be a Valentines Day blog post but I mean, it's two weeks late and it probably isn't going to give me any SEO favours. So I'm just going to transition this V-day blog into a post about how I stole borrowed my friend's floral shirt and his Valentines roses, carried them around with me so it looked like I was loved, and then let Lola crash his place for the night without telling him and consequently having him walk into his own room at 5:30AM to find her sprawled half-naked in his bed.

Its a fair trade right? I mean an old, vintage floral shirt and half a dozen roses in exchange for having hot, unconscious Lola in your bed? It was like the opening scenes of a bad porno movie. Thank god there were condoms on the bed side table. Unfortunately however, he's gay and proceeded to flee the room and call me in a panic, waking me up before 6AM with his hyperventilating. This was definitely not his teenage wet dream. 

Which is totally weird and stupid because look how amazing Lola looks, especially in that ice grey Maurie & Eve silk shirt dress. AMAZING right?! Probably the first time she looked better than me. I mean I should totally be straight by now. Okay, maybe not but really, I think she looked so sophisticated and the lace shoulder details really helped give the dress a feminine touch. She just looked so innocent and womanly. Definitely one of her better wardrobe purchases. 

Lola wears:
Maurie & Eve dress
NLY heels

Saturday 23 February 2013

Wearing leather and fur at Uni is so Over the Top

FurElise - Moonlight Goat Jacket
Lauren Damelian – Suit Pants
Kobe Husk – Charmant Wedge Forms
Serpent and the Swan – Belt and Leather & Brass Necklace
Estelle Deve – Nuri Bracelet 

Storyby Tang – Marco Polo Leather Shorts
Ebony Eve - Victoria Bustier
Allys Ellen – Chunky braided hex bracelet from Velvet Lane 
Belle Noel – Star double sided bangle from The Dark Horse 
Serpent and the Swan – Leather & Brass Necklace 

Vinetti - Leather Dress
Estelle Deve – Apastron Necklace
Low Luv – Coin Spinner bracelet from The Dark Horse 

ViktoriaWoods - Mosaic Chandler Shirt
Story by Tang – Reunion Skirt
Lannah Dunn - Flower Spray Brooch 

Provocator – Chiffon Dress
Estelle Deve – Shooting Star Necklace
Stylists own gloves
A little photo shoot I did at the University of Technology Sydney. What I learnt from this shoot? If you have a pretty girl with you, ie the model, you can convince the security guard to let you go into restricted areas with some light flirting and fluttering of eye lashes.

Thanks too Stephanie the MUA and Tri Phan the photographer


Sunday 17 February 2013

Just Coloured

Before and After

Are you as surprised as I am? Surprised by the fact that I not only own running shoes but I, *gasp* actually used them? Me too guys, me too. If you asked me a year ago if I would ever do a 5 kilometer run I would have laughed at the idea. Physical exercise is as foreign to me as heterosexuality  We are at the complete opposite ends of the spectrum. As you can see though, somehow, by some magical force I ended up going. Surrounded by approximately 40,000 other people, I completed my first ever run.*

But don't be fooled because this may seem like your typical sweat dripping, coma inducing run, but in reality, it's so much more than that. There are checkpoints during the run where you get serenaded in coloured powder. Pink. Yellow. Red. Blue. ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW. Who knew exercise could be so much fun?

It was actually heaps of fun and I definitely will be attending the next one. But I wouldn't expect to see me at any real running events any time soon.**

* I didn't really run it. It was more a power walk. Ok it wasn't even that it was a nice leisurely walk. I did absolutely no running.

** I went for a run last night and I gave up after 20 seconds and walked back home. At least I made it out the door right? I'm also currently in bed, half way through a tub of cookies and cream ice cream. Winter is coming, I need to stock up on my fuel supply.

Photos by Dan Sadek, who is second from the left in the last photo. She is single and ready to mingle and looks like Codie Young. PM me for her deets <3

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Serial Killer Style

Serial killer mask
Thrifted Paisley shirt
Ksubi denim jacket
Edwin jeans
Thrifted shoes
So one of the things that people always seem to comment about is my face. And no it's not how amazingly attractive I am. Quite the contrary actually. It seems I have the "Bitch Look".  My face is somehow always twisted in a kind of annoyed, pissed off, I want to shoot everyone look when in reality I'm imagining myself frolicking in a field of daises, twirling one of those ribbon wands. Your typical Gayboy fantasies. Actually I was lying. I was most likely thinking of a really, incredibly attractive guy. Which begs the question, If I was thinking about one of the sources of eternal happiness, why do I get such an angry face? Maybe it's genetics? Or sexual frustration? Who knows. Let's just hope my orgasm face looks better. Fingers crossed. If not then I would be seriously worried.

Though I do think that on this occasion I was actually annoyed because the photographer pointed out that I wore this shirt in a post last year. The photographer in question? Lola bitch Li*. The post? Kinky Cocktails By The Sea. Anyways it's not the item you wear that matters, it's how you style it. I like to believe that pairing the shirt with double denim from my Ksubi jacket and Edwin jeans gives the whole outfit a edgier look. And as for retribution for trying to embarrass me on my own blog, I may just go serial killer on Lola's ass. Here's a stalker shot of her from my collection รก la Death Proof. What happens next? Dun dun dun...

Life with Bird cardigan
ASOS denim
ASOS boots
DIY necklace
* She isn't a bitch, but actually a really lovely person. And no I swear she did not pay me to just write that.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Wild wolves

The name alone just rolls off your tongue and conjures images of you running through the snow, bleeding, being chased by hunters and then doing some crazy magic shit in self defense. Then, when the baddies are all gone, you morph back into your beautiful, naked, human self overlooking the ocean from the edge of a cliff. And yes I did just retell the whole video clip for David Guetta - She Wolf. But there is some relevance for me bringing up Mr.David Guetta and that is because both the video clip/song and the label portray what I think are strong feminine characters.

With Mrs.Wolfe having traveled the world from a young age and owning her own boutique at the mere age of 20 it's no surprise that her designs are equally as great and breath-taking as David Guetta's video clip. Winstone Wolfe features many beautiful, strong and slightly androgynous leather pieces that really suit those.. well.. beautiful, strong and slightly androgynous people. The collection presents simple, yet very refined items that could easily be integrated into any outfit to give it an extra oomph.

Take this asymmetric leather skirt and crocodile print leather jacket. How sick would you look walking down the streets of Sydney with this on? In particular how good would I look rocking that jacket down the streets of Sydney!! Ugh, I want the jacket so badly.

Check out the rest of this amazing label here.

Ps. Buy the jacket and let me borrow it from Mondays to Saturdays. You can have it on Sundays <3