Thursday 4 July 2013

Faker than barbie

Louis Vuitton Hat

Can someone tell me why I'm still single?
Having a fashion blog has its perks. Is there a better way to feed that narcissistic side of you than staring at a zoomed up image of your face as you Photoshop yourself into oblivion? Hate your nose? Just do a simple Google image search and fifteen minutes later you can have Gwyneth Paltrows nose on your face. Cheaper and faster than that planned trip to Thailand for your dodgy surgery in some back alley. And if you "Merge all Layers" that nose ain't going to fall off either! 

But one of the major downsides to the blog is the need to constantly come up with new outfits. As you can see I managed to grab one of those big hats from Louis Vuitton fall 2012 and styled it with some natural makeup. This however, is not a whole outfit and this is after all an outfit blog. A new hat hardly constitutes a whole new outfit. What sucks is that my current finances don't allow me to purchase anything else and I can't just Photoshop Prada's new collection onto my body. Faking a $10k nose job is one thing but pretending I'm a cooler, more exciting and richer person over the internet is just wrong. Plain wrong. Only losers Photoshop designer items onto themselves let alone have a more amazing internet persona. I mean one of the worst things in life is when you meet someone famous/semi famous/have high expectations for and you are just underwhelmed. Like this one time when I went out to meet internet user "BigTool4u" and was severely disappointed. So I'm not going to let you guys ever experience that if you ever meet me!

I'm as real as they get.