Sunday 29 April 2012


I was over the moon when I heard one of my favourite Australian brands, Provocator were showing at this years Fashion Palette. Provocator plays with draping and cuts to create edgy streetwear that brings the focus back to the construction of the garment. And this collection did not disappoint, with many interesting, unique pieces that had me restraining from going onto the catwalk and pulling the garments off the models and running away. One of the things I love most about this brand is how you can create interesting shapes through layering and the way texture becomes an important factor when working with a monotone range.


Another reason why I am so fond of this brand is how androgynous and unisex most of the items are. It's less embarrassing looking at the women's section of the store when you know you wont be judged.

And it's hard not to love them when they send sexy male models topless down the runway! 

Saturday 28 April 2012

Shop 'til You Bop?

So somehow, by some miracle, I was invited to the Shopbop media showing (thankyou Fashion Gods), an exclusive collection preview that was held in the penthouse suite of the Establishment Loft in the Sydney CBDThis viewing gave me the opportunity to play around with some of their best international designer pieces hitting their e-store this season. Though I must admit, it was more torture than fun. Torture to be surrounded by such incredible pieces and know that none of them are yours. But I assure you, it was a good kind of torture - like when you're on your third tub of ice-cream and you're about to burst but it just tastes soooo good. It was so good actually that I visited their show rooms twice. Yes I think I have a problem but can you blame me?  

Alexander Wang floral shirt

This is my "I'm about to steal this jumper and you can't stop me face". Sadly, due to me having the physical strength of a seven year old child, I was easily stopped. 

Rag and Bone jumper
 Do you think blue is my colour? So would rock this piece at Fashion Week.

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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Ruffled Feathers

Fashion week is stressful. I thought I could handle it, I thought I was good with managing my time. But look what's happened. The stress has finally hit. I've sprouted feathers.

CUE feather shoulder pads
Thrifted shirt
Sass & Bide jeans
Thrifted brooch
Yves Saint Lauren Boots

My body went into survival mode and as a result I've grown these black feathers around my shoulders. Naturally, my body would think feathers would fix anything but I didn't even get colourful, sparkly, make you shit rainbows kind of feathers. I mean, if I had those, at least they would accurately reflect and enhance how flamboyantly gay I am. But no, I just get plain ole black.

Now, I know how Natalie Portman felt in Black Swan. Barring the whole being chased by your own shadow, having homoerotic dreams having erotic dreams about Mila Kunis, and stabbing my abdomen with a shard of glass, we are basically having the same psychotic episode. Now I'm a bit afraid to do anything resembling a twirl in case I transform into a full fledging bird.

Provocator hooded dress
ASOS gold cuff
Platform wedge boots from eBay

The problem started when Lola and I were lucky enough to be collectively invited to the Sasha-Rose d├ębut collection show, Phoenix Keating's tran-seasonal collection DE-SEX show and Fashion Palette's launch night. What wasn't lucky though, was that all events were half an hour apart from each other, on completely different ends of the city. That's where the stress began. We decided to not even attempt to try and make it to Fashion Palette's launch. They had this 'Spring Chic' theme which did not bode well with our outfits - we'd channelled our inner goths and looked more Hunchback of Notre Dame than Spring Fling queens.

The Sasha-Rose collection began first, held in a shabby-chic converted warehouse space in Chippendale. She showed some really lovely, feminine and versatile pieces, the stand out for me being the pale pink blazer stained with ink patterns. The contrast between the structured fitted jacket and the unpredictability of the ink worked well together.

As soon the show wrapped up, we were the first ones to dash out and flag down a cab to Paddington Uniting Church. Sad to say however, we still missed the Phoenix Keating show which I was incredibly disappointed about. Lady Gaga has performed in his clothes the last time she was in Australia, and could you blame her? Their collection is full of latex, leather and ropes, basically a BDSM wet dream but without the awkward wet bed sheet in the morning. We did manage to catch the designer backstage though and had a chat with the lovely Phoenix himself - can you believed how amazing and established he is at merely age 20? Talk about making me feel inadequate. Hopefully I'll get to see his work in the showroom soon, and that'll make up for all the time spent running around the city trying to find the obscure locations they hold fashion shows!

Backstage at DE-SEX
Shoes by Senso
Man of the hour, Phoenix Keating
Stylist Manuel Spiropoulos
Designer Rosanna de Couvreur and Tom Saint-Cyr
Rosanna's rad grandma
Photographs by Lola Li.

Thursday 19 April 2012

Village People

One of the most embarrassing moments to befall upon me recently was when I attended the launch party of new Potts Point bar and restaurant, The Village. The gut-wrenching moment when the hot door bitch girl says "ummmmm, you're not on the list?" "But I was invited! I even RSVP'd before the date!" I argued, and she looked down again at her clip-board, most likely holding a blank piece of paper and proclaims that my name is just not there. Oh, the embarrassment! The humiliation!

Luckily, with my persuasive powers over the female race she let me in anyway. I guess I'm just the male version of Samantha Brick. People can't help but bestow me with privileges and gifts because of my stunning appearance and pretty smile.

The similarities are uncanny. 
Anyway, I was actually really happy to be let in because it was one of the best launch parties I've attended. Probably due to the fire-spinning performers, cocktails and a tree made out of lights which made you feel like you were on LSD after a few too many drinks. However the food was the winning ingredient of the night, you could often spot me throughout the night loitering around entrance of the kitchen, snatching canapes before the waiters had a chance to serve everyone else. Classy? Who, me?

Seared scallops on saffron risotto, stuffed figs with goat's cheese and balsamic dressing

Check out that girl's amazing Josh Goot dress. Jealous.
I am wearing
Jack London blouse
Vintage brooch

Lola wears:
Paprika chiffon playsuit
Sorry for the lack of outfit photos! There comes a point in the night where the combination of alcohol and photography just don't work so well together, and there's only so much Photoshop can do. As always, photographs are by Lola at Figs & Brie.

P.S How good does Lola look in that photo? Dayum.

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Thursday 12 April 2012

Kinky Cocktails by the Sea

Ksubi Sunglasses
Joe Bananas paisley sheer top
Sass and Bide jeans
Timberland boat shoes
Polo Ralph Lauren bucket bag 

Paisley?! Again? You would think someone would have given me an intervention by now. And I know many of you may be bored with the whole me and paisley love situation going on, so I thought I do something a bit unconventional just to add some excitement in your life! And voila! The pelvic thrust. In all its glory. Yes, I know you love it. If you guys play nice I'll feature another one in my next post, just for you <3

So Lola took me to the launch of a new cocktail menu at Helm Bar in Darling Harbour and I decided to wear this sheer blouse with boat shoes to channel the seaside vibes. We were pampered with cocktails and a fabulous lunch amongst lovely company and an amazing view. It was such an enjoyable experience that I probably consumed my whole weeks worth of food in one sitting... food baby + sheer top = maybe not such a good idea. Lola on the other hand, came prepared and wore her special 'eating dress', which I'm pretty sure is actually a maternity gown (much like Joey from Friends' Thanksgiving pants).

Lioness blazer
Vintage maxi dress
Freelance cream wedges
Sunglasses from eBay

Our Saturday morning consisted of a cocktail tasting (we 'tasted' quite a bit, muahaha) courtesy of resident shaker Matt, who shimmied up these beautiful cocktails from their new menu. An espresso martini kicked off our morning and injected some life back into our hangover-weary minds, followed by a 'Sexy Saint', 'Senorita Margarita', 'Red Hot Mexican', 'Ginny Hendricks', 'Oriental Sweet Tart' and finished with a lush, still-unnamed passionfruit concoction. Kinky. Yum.

Sexy Saint. This one was a fiery little bitch.

Beautiful endless platters of food - antipasti, duck pancakes, mini chicken chimichangas, tempura prawns, 
deep-fried squid, seared salmon

Photographs by Lola at Figs & Brie.