Sunday, 29 April 2012


I was over the moon when I heard one of my favourite Australian brands, Provocator were showing at this years Fashion Palette. Provocator plays with draping and cuts to create edgy streetwear that brings the focus back to the construction of the garment. And this collection did not disappoint, with many interesting, unique pieces that had me restraining from going onto the catwalk and pulling the garments off the models and running away. One of the things I love most about this brand is how you can create interesting shapes through layering and the way texture becomes an important factor when working with a monotone range.


Another reason why I am so fond of this brand is how androgynous and unisex most of the items are. It's less embarrassing looking at the women's section of the store when you know you wont be judged.

And it's hard not to love them when they send sexy male models topless down the runway! 


  1. this collection looks amazing!

  2. How monochromatic and breezy but boy does it make me feel cold

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  3. love the collection, specially the womens pieces, monochromatic yet cool, love the boyish vibe.

  4. I love it! It is so simple, using hues of black and white - Less is more!

    xx Sophia

  5. Amazing!


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