Sunday 26 February 2012

Layers in Summer

Jack London coat
Jack London mohair jumper
Wrangler jeans
Jeffrey Campbell boots

Thrifted white blouse
Thrifted gold choker

So I have a confession to make. You will probably think I'm really stupid and that I never passed 3rd grade science.

My problem is I find it extremely difficult to read the weather.

It's true. Every day before I decide on my outfit I Google the weather forecast and up comes some picture with a number beside it. And on this particular day it was min 19 degrees and max 22 degrees with pictures of clouds and rain. Now I know that heatwaves are like 35+ degrees, and combined with the fact that there was pictures of rain and clouds I naturally thought "Omg its going to be so cold!" and started packing on the layers. Oh how I was wrong. It was humid, warm and I looked like I dressed for winter while everyone around me looked like they were heading to the beach. :(

Even so, I had a wonderful time with my friend Lola Li, getting fat eating Mexican, fried sushi,  takoyaki, then more sushi, Asian desserts and going for drinks after. Miraculously I didn't manage to spill anything on my white garments either! I think Lola and I looked pretty matching that day, we make such a cute couple, credit to her for these photos <3<3<3

MinkPink blouse
Evil Twin velvet shorts
Jeffrey Campbell litas
ASOS spike bracelet
Vintage sunglasses

 PS. My jumper malts like a bitch.

Friday 24 February 2012

Little Heroes

Ksubi silk top
Wrangler jeans
Maskarada bracelet
Dr. Martens boots

I started my new internship at the lovely PR company, Little Hero this week. They do PR for brands such as Cheap Monday, Jeremy Scott x Adidas, Therese Rawsthorne, Flannel and Romance was Born. Yep, that's right. I get to work with Romance was Born, one of Australia's hottest new designers. Hopefully, I'll also be able to assist them backstage at their runway show for Sydney Fashion Week, which I am dying to do. Me, backstage at Sydney Fashion week? I get tingles just thinking about it. 

So here I was, going through my usual routine of checking the weather forecast to decide what I was going to wear when funny enough, I received the same exact forecast I got for my Layers in Summer post. But this time I knew better :) So for my first day interning I decided to wear this lovely Ksubi silk top. It's my go-to outfit for summer, my fail-safe "omg its sooooo hot and I want to walk around naked but I don't want to let everyone know how weird I am" outfit. It's as light as a feather, breathes really well and simply looks amazing. I love the print, I love the fabric, I love the colour, I just love love love it. 

And my experience so far interning at Little Hero has been delightful. Everyone I've worked with has been so lovely and funny and it's just a really positive working environment. And I also get to play with new season clothes before it hits retail stores! How cool is that? YAY for not working with boring commercial brands!! YAY!!

On a side note, I also wore this outfit to help my dear friend Louise move into her new share house and that's where we took these pictures! How sick are those couches? 

Saturday 18 February 2012

Marchesa Fall 2012

So as New York Fashion Week 2012 draws to a close, I decided that I'd do a feature of a designer who I thought had stood out. This year, it had to be Marchesa. The Marchesa Fall 2012 collection was simply breathtaking, there was not one single garment in the entire collection that I didn't love. If I possessed one of these dresses I would honestly wear it everywhere, every day - while shopping for groceries, doing chores, I would even sleep in it too, just so I could feel like a million bucks every second.

This is what I love about Marchesa. Collection after collection, they produce these gowns which look as if they're worth their weight in gold; the delicate lace embroidery alone, would've costed thousands of dollars. Admittedly I have a serious weak spot for lace (gift me lace and I'm all yours), but these ornate details have a timeless beauty beyond their material value.

The inspiration this season was the late nineteenth century painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau's 'A Soul Brought to Heaven', its aesthetic evident in all the beautiful feathers, winged embroideries, lace and the softness and femininity of it all. These were juxtaposed by select "darker" pieces, featuring elaborately laser-cut black leather, dark tulle details and intricate skeletal embroidery designs, in a way which I felt harmonised the whole collection. This having been only their second runway show, I thought they put up a stunning production.

I can just imagine it...
Yay for Codie Young! YAY AUSSIE MODELS!

Thursday 9 February 2012

Boys and Bears

What a better way to end the fabulous month of January than to go to a Boy and Bear guerilla gig in manly!! WOOOOOO for free stuff! especially music gigs! It's really good to see a huge band go back to the roots of music and play their music because they enjoy it and not for the $$$. The crowd was great and very considerate of others with the people at the front sitting down so people had a better view from the back. Best of all it was freeeeeeeeeee, and everyone knows free stuff is 1000000x better.

Here's a photo my dear friend Katrina captured of them playing.
That's them in the bottom right

So what does one wear to one of these events?

Doc Martin Shoes (thrifted)
Ksubi Jeans
Hugo Boss messenger bag
Nathan Smith top (thrifted)
Elgar & Lyle necklace
Thrifted Bomber jacket

When I saw this jacket, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Words can not simply express my absolute love for this Bomber Jacket. I think it's such a steal. It reminds me a bit of Versace mixed with Hermes. Versace's colours with a Hermes print. And I bought it real cheap from my friends vintage store Louise Maree Vintage!

I also decided to team it up with my Ksubi paisley jeans which I am really fond of. The print is quite subtle which doesn't detract away from the statement jacket but when close enough adds another level of detail to the ensemble.

I also want to make a quick note of my friend Danie's outfit on the day. I thought it was simple, classy and rocking the Aztec trend. 

She got this skirt from "some random asian store"

Pictures courtesy of Louise