Tuesday 29 May 2012

Introducing my new girlfriend

Sass and Bide jeans
Doc Martens
D&G floral shirt
Amongst Friends backpack
I'm going to introduce my new girlfriend. Her name is Skippy Girl. This is probably due to the fact that she always seems to be skipping day and night. She also seems to be always happy. I mean look at just how cheerful she is. She doesn't have much going for her yet she can still find the positive in everything. By some form of genetic mutation she has no neck, her dress colour is the same as her skin tone and totally washes her out and she hasn't grown past a metre! All that jumping probably stunted her growth and wore down her knees. This is why I never participated in sporting activities, didn't want it to prevent me from growing into the muscular man I am today. Even so, she is always happy. Always. You can't seem to wash that smile off her face. And I'll let you in on a secret, I have a feeling that she has a massive crush on me. Bordering on the L word. Talk about moving fast, I've only known her for a day!

So I'm going to reciprocate those feelings just in case she turns out to be a raging psychopath. Look at that smile, its definitely got the psychopathic stalker girlfriend look. After the Black Swan episode of last month, I feel that blockbuster hits and me share some common ground. So this month's movie is Misery. I mean I'm an author (of this blog) and she says she is my No. #1 fan. Co-incidence? I think not.

I just hope next month my life reflects more enjoyable movies. Maybe The Notebook, 500 Days of Summer or Time Travellers Wife. Is that too much to ask? Actually that might not work too well, I don't really want to suffer dementia, get heartbroken by someone named after a season or have my husband time travel just to get shot.
This is actually me screaming in terror. 
Me whispering love synonyms at her.

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Images taken by Katrina!

Monday 21 May 2012

Fashionable Sport

Fashion is full of beautiful, delightful things that you could stare at for hours on end. There is nothing more beautiful than say, an Oscar De Le Renta couture dress. Except maybe topless, ripped men. Yes, if I had to narrow my two passions in life it would have to be fashion and men. Both equally as pleasing to the eye, rating a big fat 10 in my books. Although to be honest, some male specimens would probably rate an 11. Huge arms and washboard abs seem to easily topple those gorgeous dresses in my mind. Maybe it's because I can't wear those dresses. Not like I can wear topless men either really...

When I found out that the USA Olympics team did a photo shoot with Vogue, my heart began beating a little faster. It has Karlie Kloss in some amazing clothes. The Olympic team is wearing less clothing. It's a win-win situation.

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Dwyane Wade
Jonathan Horton
Bob and Mike Bryan
Ryan Lochte
Images from Vogue

Wednesday 16 May 2012

So I Shopped at Zara

Zara Scarf Print Top
Jack London Scarf Tie
Sass and Bide jeans
Doc Marten boots

I love Zara. I love the fact that their clothing rips off pays homage to designer brands. Want some Isabel Marant, Givenchy, Celine or just some A.Wang?  But don't want to dish out the quadruple price tag for it? Well Zara has the answer for you money-conscious individuals. It's like a sartorial melting pot where all the top designers come to hang out and talk about their first world problems. Kinda like the coffee shop in Friends. 

The only bad thing though is that everyone shops at Zara. And I mean everyone. So there is a ridiculously high chance of seeing someone wearing the same exact item as you. And when that happens, it's Fashion Suicide. So when I decided to take this top out for Fashion Week I knew it was a big risk. But risks are my middle name (cue cheesy action thriller music).

And so I thought that if anyone was going to wear this top, they would of worn it already. So it was all safe to wear for the last day? Wrong. Some tall, leggy blonde wore my shirt. But I obviously looked better than her, right? Right?!


Yay for Akira and yay for smilling models. Akira is an internationally renowned designer who has had his collection displayed at Paris Fashion week and has decided to grace us mere Australians with an installation of three different collections. A bridal range full of luscious amounts of lace and adorned with embroidery were complimented with cloud-like, wispy head pieces that looked as soft and fragile as cotton candy. The second collection reminisced upon his cultural heritage, reflected in the origami folds and Japanese inspired prints. And the last collection had colourful Shibori dresses that were accessorised with coral looking jewellery. 

And now the non smiling models!

Wednesday 9 May 2012

The Watering Can

Now I know how Katniss Everdeen felt when her dress was on fire. You can see how petrified I am.

Subfusco digital fire print tee
Vintage brooch
Sass and Bide jeans
Givenchy suede shoes
Giles & Brother leather bracelet

One might ask why on earth would I choose to put this brooch on my digital fire print t-shirt. Well you see, it's a watering can. Watering cans generally hold water. Water is the antithesis to fire. HAHA I'M SO IRONIC. For those of you who have been following my sartorial adventures from the beginning, you would remember a post featuring this shirt before. To prevent myself from breaking the holiest of holy fashion rules, repeating one's outfit, I thought I would challenge my abilities as a stylist, show the versatility of this shirt and create another amazing outfit distinct from the previous entry.

So behold! The watering can! Solving outfit dilemmas since 2012! The watering can accessory has been used expertly to change the overall dynamic of the shirt. The similarities between changing the whole outfit with a brooch and removing the glasses and pony tail from the ugly girl to make her beautiful in teen movies is uncanny. This transformation has also been assisted by wearing different coloured jeans, different shoes and wearing a bracelet. I also think the oddness of the watering can floating amongst the print is charming. It's like it wants to be a spaceship and fly in space but it can't because it's just a simple watering can. 


I attended Christopher Esber's show which was a-mazing. For the runway, he had installed mirrors on the catwalk, to create a trippy effect that made it seem like there was 30 models on the runway when there was only three. What wasn't amazing was my camera battery failing after the first three looks. The few images I managed to capture were really bad quality so to compensate, I will post the amusing reflections the mirrors provided of the audience. I'm sure no one paid attention to those reflections so enjoy!

  1. I definitely feel that she is taking inspiration from the Expressionist painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch. Would have pulled it off but lacks consistency throughout due to her decapitated leg and hand which lets this look down.
  2. The One Who Must Not Be Named and Professor Quirrell took a break from terrorising the Wizarding world to join the A row stars at this collection.
  3. This girl just needs a nose job. ASAP
  4. Can the real Tim Blanks please stand up?


Jenny Kee's first solo exhibition at fashion week since 1981 had everyone impressed with the quality and style of her presentation. At first I wondered what they were going to do with some scarves but trust Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales, designers of Romance was Born to style a crazy, out of this world exhibition that was still able to tell a story. Not following the pastel trend, her vibrant, Australian inspired designs and patterns were jam packed full of bright, bold, electric colour. The exhibition also showcased ten archival looks from her previous work between 1980 and 2010, including pieces used in Kaiser Karl's first collection at Channel in 1983. This exhibition wins the best styling award for me.


The Innovators show displayed the top six TAFE students' work, with Kaylene Milner's collection a winner for me. Texture is definitely underestimated in many designs and her play with fabric types had me on the edge of my seat wanting to touch every single piece that came my way. There was nothing boring about this collection that's for sure.


The amazing Carl Kapp was another highly anticipated show of the day and it did not disappoint. The collection began with a soundtrack of a racing car that soon crashed, the collection however was far from being a wreck. With the amazing draping and the way the fabric floated I wouldn't blame anyone who thought the models were ethereal goddesses.


I love when designers are concious of a world with bigger problems then what's on trend. Roopa's debuts her latest ethical trade luxury resort wear collection for the first time at MBFWA. With 20% of all profits  from each garment going back into the artists community, this collection gets a thumbs up from me.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Abdominal Muscles Galore

Statistically, Ollie Henderson and topless male models take up 40% of the pictures in this post. It is due to this reason that my summary of day three of fashion week was delayed as I was left in a semi paralysed state by the amount of visualgasm I was receiving. So proceed with caution, you too may be left in a weakened mess, like when Homer Simpson sees doughnuts. You will want to rub these images all over your naked body. But don't, because that's just creepy. Feel free to do that with pictures of me though, that's understandable.

Alistair Trung Metallic Tunic
Yves Saint Lauren Boots
Sass and Bide jeans
Saxony Leather Jacket
Givenchy Rottweiler Top
So for the hump day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, I thought I would try to appeal to the Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, "we only use varying shades of black in our drapes" masses. I don't think I executed it well enough to be honest. Not enough drapes, not enough drop-crotches, and not enough black. But maybe now those brands will take pity on me and send me their four digit price tag even when they are on the heavily discounted rack garments. If only.

My outfit originally did not include the rottweiler tee or jacket but instead had a floorlength cape/vest/thing. I swapped it around last minute though because it was so cold. And this way I could be all fashiony and make many of the jackets features redundant by having it over my shoulders. This is probably the most inconvenient trend though, because many times when I was walking all importantly or being sly and sneakily photographing people my jacket would embarrassingly slide off. It's probably due to my girl shoulders. Goddamnit, genes.


The only noticeable trend I observed on day three was the amount of Alexander Wang everyone was sporting. Alexander Wang bags, tees, pants and shoes! I even saw two people wearing the same new season Alexander Wang floral top I posted about! Imagine if I was related to Alexander Wang or Vera Wang. Then this blog would be named Colour Me Wang. Teeheehee.

Only at fashion week can the combination of green and red not look Christmas-y and look chic
Amazing Alexander Wang pants. At first I thought the photo was blurry but nope, that's the awesome effect the prints of the pants produce. Awesome. 
Kaila Hart, who is so amazingly tall and is doing so well this season! So proud of her!
This should just be renamed models off duty instead of street style

The amazing Amanda Ware who is one of the nicest, down to earth girls I have ever, ever met
This is Anna Crysell. I dressed her last year for her runway debut at Myer S/S11. It was her first runway and it was my first time dressing. And now she is in fashion week. You go girl

Ollie had a stack of  sticky labels and she lovingly put one on me. 


Oroton officially launched its first women's apparel line which was styled alongside some of their key statement accessories this season. Most of the collection reflected Oroton's view of wearable fashion, with their collection consisting of many tailored basics in blues, oranges and mixed neutrals. As well as many wearable prints, knits and over-sized jackets, it had a very high-end luxe feel about it.

Backstage at Oroton


Watson x Watson is such a young brand, with the label being launched only last year. Their collection had everything in it, from luxe sportswear to dresses to prints to basics! Everything for every kind of gal. Or guy.

Backstage at Watson X Watson


Mariana mainly deals with bridal couture dresses. So it is no doubt her ready-to-wear line reflected those elements and aesthetics, with many or most of the dresses being adorned with beautiful lace. 


Kooey Australia served up your daily dose of abs, arms and lovely groin-area 'V' lines these living man sculptures seem to have that I don't. There was also women's swimwear, but lets all be honest, we really just want to see the dudes' junk. Men's swimwear truly does not get the appreciation it deserves so thank you to Kooey for releasing a men's collection.


I had big, big, big expectations for this show and it delivered exceeded them. When I first sat down I was greeted with a flower which foreshadowed the key colour of the collection, blue. The collection was full of symmetrical digital prints as well as more commercial, versatile basics that balanced the whole collection. 

I want this shirt so badly. Someone buy me this shirt. Ughhhh


I'll publish a more in-depth post about the men's show but until then enjoy more abs, arms and 'V' things courtesy of Nathan Paul Swimwear.