Sunday, 6 May 2012

Abdominal Muscles Galore

Statistically, Ollie Henderson and topless male models take up 40% of the pictures in this post. It is due to this reason that my summary of day three of fashion week was delayed as I was left in a semi paralysed state by the amount of visualgasm I was receiving. So proceed with caution, you too may be left in a weakened mess, like when Homer Simpson sees doughnuts. You will want to rub these images all over your naked body. But don't, because that's just creepy. Feel free to do that with pictures of me though, that's understandable.

Alistair Trung Metallic Tunic
Yves Saint Lauren Boots
Sass and Bide jeans
Saxony Leather Jacket
Givenchy Rottweiler Top
So for the hump day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, I thought I would try to appeal to the Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester, "we only use varying shades of black in our drapes" masses. I don't think I executed it well enough to be honest. Not enough drapes, not enough drop-crotches, and not enough black. But maybe now those brands will take pity on me and send me their four digit price tag even when they are on the heavily discounted rack garments. If only.

My outfit originally did not include the rottweiler tee or jacket but instead had a floorlength cape/vest/thing. I swapped it around last minute though because it was so cold. And this way I could be all fashiony and make many of the jackets features redundant by having it over my shoulders. This is probably the most inconvenient trend though, because many times when I was walking all importantly or being sly and sneakily photographing people my jacket would embarrassingly slide off. It's probably due to my girl shoulders. Goddamnit, genes.


The only noticeable trend I observed on day three was the amount of Alexander Wang everyone was sporting. Alexander Wang bags, tees, pants and shoes! I even saw two people wearing the same new season Alexander Wang floral top I posted about! Imagine if I was related to Alexander Wang or Vera Wang. Then this blog would be named Colour Me Wang. Teeheehee.

Only at fashion week can the combination of green and red not look Christmas-y and look chic
Amazing Alexander Wang pants. At first I thought the photo was blurry but nope, that's the awesome effect the prints of the pants produce. Awesome. 
Kaila Hart, who is so amazingly tall and is doing so well this season! So proud of her!
This should just be renamed models off duty instead of street style

The amazing Amanda Ware who is one of the nicest, down to earth girls I have ever, ever met
This is Anna Crysell. I dressed her last year for her runway debut at Myer S/S11. It was her first runway and it was my first time dressing. And now she is in fashion week. You go girl

Ollie had a stack of  sticky labels and she lovingly put one on me. 


Oroton officially launched its first women's apparel line which was styled alongside some of their key statement accessories this season. Most of the collection reflected Oroton's view of wearable fashion, with their collection consisting of many tailored basics in blues, oranges and mixed neutrals. As well as many wearable prints, knits and over-sized jackets, it had a very high-end luxe feel about it.

Backstage at Oroton


Watson x Watson is such a young brand, with the label being launched only last year. Their collection had everything in it, from luxe sportswear to dresses to prints to basics! Everything for every kind of gal. Or guy.

Backstage at Watson X Watson


Mariana mainly deals with bridal couture dresses. So it is no doubt her ready-to-wear line reflected those elements and aesthetics, with many or most of the dresses being adorned with beautiful lace. 


Kooey Australia served up your daily dose of abs, arms and lovely groin-area 'V' lines these living man sculptures seem to have that I don't. There was also women's swimwear, but lets all be honest, we really just want to see the dudes' junk. Men's swimwear truly does not get the appreciation it deserves so thank you to Kooey for releasing a men's collection.


I had big, big, big expectations for this show and it delivered exceeded them. When I first sat down I was greeted with a flower which foreshadowed the key colour of the collection, blue. The collection was full of symmetrical digital prints as well as more commercial, versatile basics that balanced the whole collection. 

I want this shirt so badly. Someone buy me this shirt. Ughhhh


I'll publish a more in-depth post about the men's show but until then enjoy more abs, arms and 'V' things courtesy of Nathan Paul Swimwear.


  1. I love what you wore! You can never wear too much black, and you layer every pieces really well! And I love the off-duty model snap, gosh her hair looks so beach babe!

    Nora Finds

  2. That Givenchy top! Yes yes yes

  3. adore your outfit!
    wow all of these shots are amazing
    i may have drooled a bit after seeing the photos of the male models...

  4. Drooling over everything in this entry... Male models aside, I am about to google Mariana Hardwick. Such beautiful pieces!

  5. Can someone please put a bird nest in my hair!!!!

    At first when I was scrolling through this post, I was like, something's not right. Where are the promised dude bods? Then I got to the endish and was relieved. So hot!!

    Also you are so funny. I love reading your blog, like actually READING it. Color Me Wang.

  6. Great photos!! Loving the An Ode To No One collection! So chic!


  7. so is the label called "ode to no one"? anyways, i really like that collection also with those amazing patterns sigh. you and me both want to just have these given to us. :P i actually really like your outfit, all black i totally dig. no i did not rub my computer all over me with photos of those male models, for some reason that isn't my thing lol. i like them leaner? lol. anyways, cute post. made my day, as your posts usually do

  8. holy shit

    really loving your coverage here!! I was just saying to a friend how much fun Australian fashion week seems.. so many bloggers! Ha!

  9. Hey :) Your blog is really great!
    About your comment on my blog about camouflage, I honestly think it would be wonderful on you! Try it :)


  10. Woot for sydney bloggers! Love your look and what a great summary. So sad I missed out on all the people watching action of MBFWA

    | Bright Green Laces |

  11. Hi dear :) Nice post! Love your outfit!
    Thanks for visit, I follow you now, if you want follow me back.
    xx Ilka

  12. so much inspiration all in one post! love it! xx

  13. how awesome being able to attend to those shows.. I really liked Watson x Watson.. and I've never heard of that label, or any of the others mentioned here so thanks for the heads up.. I'm always in search of new artists... and I know Australia is filled with them... thanks for stopping by my blog!

  14. wauw so jaloes of you! you look amazing in these pictures!

  15. great pics!
    thanks for your visit and come back always *-*/

  16. Really enjoyed an ode to no one - never heard of them before i read your post!

    While I love all the 'street style' snaps from mbafw, I enjoyed your outfit more. I'm not sure most of them are actual street style as some of these girls have mentioned that some of their threads are on loan for the week - so really, more of a display of styling abilities more than anything! still, inspiring. but nice to see someone working it properly - love the all-black look and that crazy tee :)

  17. Amanda Ware is lurrrvely!

    Just a heads up, I have changed my blog platform so you can't follow me via Google Friend Connect anymore. You can on Bloglovin and if you do I'll love you forever!

    xx Sharday

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