Thursday 3 May 2012

Day Two Diary

Second day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia was intense! Attended every on site show except one and was lucky enough to sit front row at Talulah, By Johnny and Bowie! So expect this to be a massively long post. I am so over the moon and deliriously happy. This is shaping to be one awesome week, most likely the best week of my entire existence.

Thrifted Bomber jacket
Thrifted scarf print shirt
Thrifted John Lobb cap toe brogues
Polo Ralph Lauren pants

For day two, I thought I would try my hand at a scarf print ensemble. I fell instantly in love with this shirt when I saw it, I mean it has horses and leather harnesses! It's like a total Hermes ripoff but that's okay because it's vintage. Similarly to day ones plan, I originally planned to go way more over the top and over kill the look with some scarf print pants and maybe even use an actual scarf! Ground breaking ideas I know, but the only pants I could find were by D&G on net-a-porter and my lame-o of a boyfriend wouldn't give me his bank details to buy them. He failed in his responsibility to provide for his one and only. So blame him for my lackluster outfit, you should send him an email suggesting how he should hand full control of his finances to me. That way, come next fashion week, I will be able to splurge his our funds and make my dreams a reality. 


Here are the street shots of day two... it seemed that everyone except me got a memo to wear florals. Obviously I was the trendsetter sporting the floral get-up yesterday. In addition to the floral memo, there was a vast majority in black ensembles, most likely due to Song for the Mute's collection showings for the day.

Wearing Romance was Born
H&M floral suits

Christopher Kane gorilla top 


I have a secret to tell you. One that will probably shatter the calm, cool and collected perception you guys had of me. I must confess that when I entered the Jayson Brunsdon installation and was greeted by this mouth-watering male specimen, I transformed into a twelve year old school girl. Words could not come out of my mouth for the life of me. I was Giggling, blushing, thinking naughty things. Don't judge me, but seriously look at those arms. I'm sure I won't be the only one giving this collection a thumbs up because of this male model. 


Here are a few shots I managed to capture backstage after the Mativevski show. All the photos of the models on the runway that I took turned out horrible so you will just have to go onto another website to view them. But don't leave this one. Just open it in another tab or something. Or don't. Either works.


Undeniably Australia's most famous blogger, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage opened the show and helped set the mood for this awesome collection. And it did not disappoint. Talulah did really well with this fun, feminine, flirty collection that incorporated a multitude of styles and cuts to create a diverse range of clothes that was still harmonious with each other.


I love the setting for this runway. Gothic prints meets neon geometric cuts in a dark, sombre environment with trees. 


Words can not describe the surreal beauty that was Bowie's show. The amount of time and energy spent into all the clothes, crafting all the delicate pieces and the attention to detail would have been phenomenal. You know you have an amazing designer when they focus on the tiny details to create beautiful garments. Only using gold, silver, white and black in his collection helped emphasise the sheer beauty of the detailing. And you know I'm a sucker for anything and everything lace. This was by far the highlight of the day. Well done Bowie.


Lots of peplum love in his collection. I love how this feminine collection incorporated some edgy prints. That's all for now, and looking forward to going through this wonderful madness all over again tomorrow! Bring it, bitch.


  1. Great street styles! My favorite is the last boy.

  2. Loving your outfit!
    the street style pics are also really cool!

  3. definitely loving the talulah, bowie, and by johnny collections. i like when guys have nice arms too lol

  4. love your shirt! i'm imagining you 'giggle like a twelve year-old."

  5. Great photos! So jealous of you! Loving the Bowie Collection.. And can I just say WOW---that male model is gorgeousssssssssssssssssss!!!hahah


  6. cute photos!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. i love your jacket and shirt! great prints :)))

  8. I'M DYING! You have amazing style. Those last mint-ish dresses at By Johnny...

    Googling all these designers right now!

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