Tuesday 29 January 2013

Black like My Soul

Provocator asymmetric button up
Provocator lace cardigan
Edwin black jeans
Thrifted boots
Provocator lace cut out dress
Wittner velvet boots
French Connection cuff

Black clothing. The chicest answer to all of your first world, mundane, futile yet somehow totally vital fashion-related problems.

"What colour should I wear to the wedding?" 

"What colour should I wear that compliments my skin tone?"

"What should I cook tonight for my two month anniversary?"

I give the best advice. No really, I do.

So on this particular day I had trouble getting out of bed. And when I mean trouble, I mean REAL trouble. It was one of those "maybe I should call in sick" but even pretending to be sick was too much effort. I had literally hit the snooze button more times than guys have hit on me. Consequently, when I did finally get my ass out of bed, I had just a few short minutes to co-ordinate an outfit and get myself out of the door. This complicated challenge was further impeded by the fact that I was sleep deprived. But then I remembered...

When in doubt, choose black. 

That and I wanted to reflect my annoyed mood at having to wake up so early. I mean, what other colour can express a “badass – too cool for school – I don’t give a fuck” attitude as well as “chicness – OMG I magically lost 10 kilos since you last saw my fat ass in my beloved Juicy Couture trackies” all at the same time!

It was just too easy to chuck on the black knit, black top, black jeans and off course black shoes. And voila, don’t I just look like a million bucks. But remember fashionistas, a good thing to do when wearing H2T black is that you should play with textures and fabrics. In this case, I choose to wear a lace cardigan because the lace propels it from a simple black cardigan and into fashun on a totally different level. And for bonus street cred, accessorise with a matching Lola in black lace.

And yes, I know that my blog has the word “Colour” in it but I decided to balance all the gayness colorfulness I put out into the interwebs with another mainly black outfit! That’s two black outfits in less than a month! Aren't you guys just spoilt? And you know what they say, once you go black you never go back.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

All I want in life is to lie in bed with my dog =n_n=

I've got some serious back to work blues. After a fun-fueled end of year break, its hard getting back into your daily nine-to-five routine. I severely miss the abundance of leisure time, the sleep in's and the ability to just forget about deadlines. To be honest, I've already started looking at travelling websites mentally planning my trips for the year. Who wouldn't want to swim with dolphins, dance in the nightclubs of New York or be in one of those pristine, amazing destinations companies on Facebook seem to always put up with the caption "Like if you want to be here!" Sometimes I think if I like enough of those photos someone would take pity on me  and take me there. I'm looking at you interweb friends. Hopefully though I'll get to fulfill one of my travel plans this year. 

Saying all of this though, I do go through conflicting thoughts about my goals for this year. Some days I tell myself I'm going to be really focused, productive and use my time more efficiently. Make lots of money, look fabulous all the time and eventually I will succeed in my goals for world domination. Then other days I'm like, screw work and making a name for myself, all I need is my dog and my bed. The whole live within your means, money doesn't bring you happiness, work to live, don't live to work kind of mantra. But then I think about how nice the latest Dries Van Noten collection would look on me, or maybe a Balmain jacket and then I'm back at square one. 

So really guys, the point of the whole two hundred and fifty word rambling is to keep a healthy balance between your goals for world domination and living on your bed with your dog every day. Don't forget to have a life outside of work and nourish your relationships with friends and families. 

And if you are possibly one of the lucky ones who feature on Rich Kids of Instagram aka I don't work but I can nourish my relationships whilst wearing/driving/drinking/eating the best things in life then I hate you. No not really, but I'll send you photos on Snapchat in exchange for money from your trustfund. 

Where business and pleasure meet ft Yan Yan and not Lola
Gif by Lily Chen

Thursday 10 January 2013

Turkey Slapped

Givenchy t-shirt
Alistair Trung metallic knit jumper
DSTM jacket
Edwin jeans
Timbaland boots
Wearing exactly the same thing but with, and correct me if I'm wrong, a
bad ass expression.

So Lola and I have this very strange relationship. Most days, you can expect her to be chasing after a terrified me and ripping my clothes off in some sort of heated, animalistic, crazy bitch form of foreplay, love making, sartorial incest. This results in Lola wearing all my clothes and me standing there neked. Weird right? She blames her Bipolar, I blame her sexual frustrationand the desire to see my washboard abs.

It’s a very serious problem and I was starting to get worried but then she unexpectedly jetted off to Berlin or Tokyo or whatever. I wasn’t really paying attention to be honest, I was just glad at finally being left in peace and finally being able to wear my clothes! It was short-lived though. Lola came back, but she wasn’t alone. As well as the vintage chain-print silk scarf she'd gotten me, she had brought back this amazing drape-y black silk jacket for herself. What happened next, I’m not quite sure? I blacked out. According to Lola though, I chased her around the office trying to rip that jacket off her. 

So this double lapel jacket is from Berlin label Don't Shoot the Messengers and it's the first item that I have borrowed from Lola’s wardrobe. I keep pressuring her to fly overseas now so she can bring back more clothes for me to wear. Now she's in Indonesia, and she better come back something amazing or I'm going to steal her laptop and cash out all her frequent flyer miles. I mean she wears ALL of my clothes and there’s only one thing that I can borrow from her. Not very fair. Hopefully the next item will be a Chanel tweed jacket. Or this offensively orange swimsuit she's wearing here in a photo she's sent me from Bali. I guess that will make us even.

Vintage swimsuits from LASSKAA's closet
Lola wears Karen Walker sunglasses and hair dye gone wrong

Thursday 3 January 2013

Sightseeing in Tokyo

Shiba Park in Minato, Tokyo

They often say that once you start travelling you can never stop, you get the travel bug. That is exactly what happened to me after visiting Japan for a short holiday with the family. After Tokyo I have an itching to go back and explore the rest of the world.

When I was in Japan, I had the more incredible time exploring Tokyo as well as getting to play on the slopes of Mt Fuji. Even though I haven't traveled to many places, I can honestly say that Japan is one of the most magical places in the world. If you get the chance you should definitely go.