Sunday 16 September 2012

Provocator's PR bitch

Last Thursday night, in a small Newtown shop filled with nails and concrete cutters I gave birth. There, next to wooden crates and tied up models, a little baby with which I carried in my womb for the past two months popped out. That little baby was my first ever project as a publicist. And damn was it good to have that baby out.


While brainstorming ideas to create more awareness for the brand, I briefly mentioned to Arthur, the designer behind Provocator, that we should organise a collection launch for the new range coming out. I wasn't that serious. It was one of those ideas you throw out that you don’t think will happen. 

But “Sure, organise it” was his answer.

The Morning After 

When they talk about morning sickness they ain’t kidding. I was nauseous and dizzy. Delirious with excitement and scared shit less at the same time. I was even vomiting all my food up but not losing any weight. It was a cruel cruel world. Am I really organising a collection launch all by myself? How was I supposed to do such a thing? I had no idea where to begin. 

Who’s your Daddy? 

I enlisted the help of the most masculine person in my life, Lola Li, a slut in the food and alcohol industry and surrogate father to baby. I needed her help with getting alcohol sponsors so that I could get all the fashion people deliriously drunk on the night. Fashion people drunk is the only measurable way to find out if your event is a success.

The Nursery Room

Organising the models and set-up for the event was probably one of the most fun things about making the event. Doing model castings was a great experience since I've never done that before. It was kinda like I was the popular kid in primary picking all the cool kids to be on my team. You can tell I was never the cool kid ): 


This was the time where all the stress, tears and emotions ran wild. At first I was dealing with it okay, but as time ticked by the stress levels started to kick in and the contractions came closer together. Soon I was red faced from all the huffing and puffing, and maybe a few too many glasses of wine. But we were running late and I couldn't get these bitches into their outfits fast enough. We even had one of the press people come in whilst I was tying one of the models up to the infrastructure. 

And suddenly, in a flash it was all over. The event had finished, stylists were drunk, models had started to drink and I was still trying to figure if we were going to pull it off. 

After Delivery

I read somewhere that when you finish giving birth your brain releases chemicals which calm you, make you forget how painful childbirth is and make you want to continue popping them out. That's what happened and for some sick twisted reason I want to do it all over again. Planning this event has probably been the most stressful thing I have ever done but Oh my god I want to give birth to another event. Maybe a full scale runway show. Next Fashion Week. Here's hoping.

I was also very fortunate to work alongside such a great designer who trusted my judgement and gave me heaps of control over the event. I would also love to thank all the mid wives, aka hair/makeup/people that helped, couldn't of done it without them.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Models Models Models

Models Models Models

Some backstage pictures I took of models doing what models do best, looking beautiful.

Charlotte Lohmann looking radiant as always
Rachel Grosso practising her blue steel pose
Kailah Ng sending me love messages
Alice Burdeu being like "why are you taking pictures of me?"

Rachel Rutt in some kind of meditation
Jennifer Hawkins is so excited to meet me that she has to clutch her hands to stop them trembling

Sunday 2 September 2012

The Attack of Babes

I was lucky enough to attend the Bendon Lingerie runway show which opened up Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney. All seemed well at the start of the show, women in various states of undress came parading down the catwalk. Nothing out of the ordinary there, just your typical runway show. 

Pretty girl with pretty underwear with a pretty basket full of pretty flowers
At first it was just one girl after the other. 

But then...

 ...there was TWO!

OMG what sorcery is this?

The girl on the right is the same girl from above but in totally different clothing?! 

The various shades of red in their clothing should have foreshadowed what was about to happen. Alarm bells would have been ringing in any normal persons head. But silly me was too distracted by their luscious bouncy hair. 

Oh good she's gone. But wait, now there's FIVE! The girls trippled minus one in number by some form of mitosis! Who would have known Year 12 Biology would come in handy. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of beauty surrounding me. And all those vibrant pop colours just seemed to mesmerise the crowd like some form of hypnosis. And then, when we were all under their spell, they threw balls at us!


An army of lingerie models. I think this is the closest I've been to so many semi-neked woman.
But it wasn't over. Those five models suddenly exploded into an army, they conjured confectionery to rain from the skies even though we were indoors and made everyone clap their hands violently together. 

Then, when all seemed lost, this dashing young chap came to the rescue, freeing me from the clutches of these sexy women.

Thank god for half naked men.