Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cute girls with cute horses

Samantha wears:
Cooper St kimono
Vinetti cutout leather top
Sarah wears:
Vinetti suede leather top
Provocator flare pants
Kobe Husk heels

Sarah wears
Neuw embroidered sundress

Samantha wears:
Ebony Eve skirt

Samantha wears:
Neuw cropped tee
White Suede lace shorts
Mister Zimi pony haired boots

Samantha wears:
Paper Skye sheer dress
W.E. by Whitney Eve necklace
Sarah wears:
Provocator lace dress
Provocator lace cardigan
Stylists shoes

Sarah wears:
Serpent and the Swan muslin dress
Vintage Alistair Tung cape

Samantha wears:
Therese Rawsthorne sheer button up

Sarah wears:
Serpent and the Swan dress with leather detail
Serpent and the Swan copper chain with signature bone
A little photoshoot I did with the talented Lucia Pang all the way in Penrith!

So what I originally wrote for this post  is going to be ignored, deleted and instead, I'm going to go on a little tangent, rant, passive aggressive post, life message that can be mildly linked back to the editorial that I styled.

Now I like to think that the two models represent me, because really, the amount of amazingness I am is equivalent to these two super hot babe models. Now you can see by the first few images that they are all like 

Hmmmm these cactus plants are dangerous but sadly they don't seem to be able to love me no matter how much I hug them. Why won't you lurveeeeeee me you stupid plants but honestly plants can't love you because they are plants and you can't make friends with salad let alone a lover so really all I'm doing is waiting to get pricked  but I like living life on the edge #YOLO

But then you come across this gorgeous white horse that accidentally dropped your knight in shinning armor at the wrong farm 3 blocks away but it doesn't matter because it loves you and wants you to be its best friend and won't stop following you even after you have your photo with it . 

So there you are forgetting about your stupid cactus loving escapade and just chilling on some farm with a horse that loves you and Oh life is so amazing with the nice weather and colour presets.

but then...


The horse backstabs you (the related photo was to gruesome to upload) and suddenly you are in some other weird run down farm clutching your body from the freezing cold. And it ain't just a physical cold sistah

Soon you are grabbing onto anything to support yourself and you are thinking that hmmmmm that cactus loving thing I had going on earlier was better because it would just prick me and not backstab me (because cactus can't backstab but horses can)

Soon you are just sitting down on some wall looking off into the distance thinking what if...

And then your life turns into a B&W photo

The end.

So if you are still with us, the point of the story is, if you had to play with a cactus or horse, pick the cactus guys. JUST DO IT.

*sponsored by the National Cactus Association*

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Hottest New Trend of 2013

Romance Was Born t-shirt (worn backwards)
Ksubi denim jacket
Edwin jeans
Timberland boots
Haven't you heard? The hottest trend hitting the streets next season is wearing your tops backwards. According to our insider source at Style.com*, all the big labels are preparing to shake up the fashion world with shirts worn the wrong way around. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first, Fashion Industry Confessions ain't got nothin' on me.

But can you guys imagine that? Collection after collection of models walking looking like they hurriedly got dressed in the dark. Imagine the stress of the poor little dressers back stage, putting the looks onto the models properly and then realising, no the right way around isn't actually the right way. Utter chaos, I tell you.

So I thought I would give it a shot, and I present to you my best Tyra Banks approved fierceness smize into your soul so you love me more when I look constipated lewk whilst wearing my Romance was Born top backwards. As you can see, the back of the Romance was Born top, which is worn in the front and not the back in the following picture, is simply divine. It's reminiscent of a really resplendently rendered Renaissance rartwork (+5 points for my alliteration).

werk, werk, werk it gurrrl
Honestly though, I actually prefer wearing the top this way around because the front image is a bit too feminine (even for me). But even so, whenever I do it I can't help but feel a little bit avant-garde.

*not really