Wednesday 5 December 2012

The Hottest New Trend of 2013

Romance Was Born t-shirt (worn backwards)
Ksubi denim jacket
Edwin jeans
Timberland boots
Haven't you heard? The hottest trend hitting the streets next season is wearing your tops backwards. According to our insider source at*, all the big labels are preparing to shake up the fashion world with shirts worn the wrong way around. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first, Fashion Industry Confessions ain't got nothin' on me.

But can you guys imagine that? Collection after collection of models walking looking like they hurriedly got dressed in the dark. Imagine the stress of the poor little dressers back stage, putting the looks onto the models properly and then realising, no the right way around isn't actually the right way. Utter chaos, I tell you.

So I thought I would give it a shot, and I present to you my best Tyra Banks approved fierceness smize into your soul so you love me more when I look constipated lewk whilst wearing my Romance was Born top backwards. As you can see, the back of the Romance was Born top, which is worn in the front and not the back in the following picture, is simply divine. It's reminiscent of a really resplendently rendered Renaissance rartwork (+5 points for my alliteration).

werk, werk, werk it gurrrl
Honestly though, I actually prefer wearing the top this way around because the front image is a bit too feminine (even for me). But even so, whenever I do it I can't help but feel a little bit avant-garde.

*not really


  1. I must admit, when I saw this thumbnail update on my dashboard, I saw a cheery smile and thought 'awwww'! I absolutely love your shirt, it's amazinggg. And the ksubi jacket is the perfect colour. Wearing shirts the right way is obviously too mainstream, why not spruce things up a bit? It really does remind me of a romanticised artwork, and it'd be a shame not to see such a beautiful design! Plus, why are you so photogenic? You're pulling your self-confidence down tenfold.

  2. Interesting trend, but I can't even stand wearing crewnecks the right way. Something about it really bothers my neck as much as turtlenecks and scarves. On you, it doesn't even look like it was worn backwards! Cool pair up with the Ksubi jacket. Would love to have seen the front of the shirt too though.

  3. Well you can't even tell that it is around the wrong way.

    xoxo Domenic