Tuesday 30 April 2013

From Britten with Love

I was first introduced to the label, From Britten, at last years Fashion week where they were the standout collection in the group menswear show. Since then, the Melbourne label has jumped from success to success, opening up their Customer Store, winning the prestigious L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival designer awards 2013 and being the only sole menswear label to show at this years Mercedez Bens Fashion Week Australia.

Design duo Alexander and Tim Britten-Finschi take pride in their sublime tailoring and the ability to playfully adapt traditional menswear into contemporary designs. For this season, they were inspired by the transition between leaving high school and entering university life. They played upon the idea of how these late adolescence men have found a new confidence and their desire to appear older. Thus the collection included many oversized silhouettes, melding sportswear, a very youth orientated type of clothing and the more sophisticated and mature side of tailoring. 

When we first walked into the venue, we were introduced to a gigantic box pillar design in the middle of the runway. The set design by Jack Bedwani perfectly reflected the design aesthetic of the label: structured, boxy and full of clean lines. They had the models walk through the box installation which further drew parallels with their architecture ethos. 

It is no wonder that street fashion photographer Tommy Ton who has seen countless fashion shows announced From Britten as a promising talent. Now if they only stocked in Sydney...

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Christina's making some noise

Backstage with Valentina

Yifan werking it.
Yifan backstage at Christina Exie
Yifan is seriously one of the nicest models I've ever met

Christina Exie unveiled her ready-to-wear collection, BASS at this years Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia and it was hands down a seriously killer show. This was Christina’s debut collection as part of her prize for winning Project Runway Australia and it’s evident why she triumphed over her competitors.

Christina builds upon the notion of sound and the visuals created by low sound frequency vibrations, a concept that underlines her previous collections. She started this season by examining how blasting sounds at different frequency causes it to split into different geometric shapes and communicated this idea through the use of absent space and selective cutting.  And boy did it cut a lasting impression in my mind.

The 3D printed face visors combined with the panelled and futuristic leatherwork are seriously on another level. Multiple levels actually. It kinda reminds me of the Sinosteel International Plaza in Tinjain, China. Which I thought was fitting because of the high number of Asian models who walked in her show. And the fact that all the letters in China are in Christina's name as well. Co-incidence? I think not. 

For her first collection, it was highly cohesive and on the ball. Christina was able to effectively develop a non-tangible concept of sound into a visual medium. She communicated a great story through her collection and I’ll definitely be listening to the sounds Christina will be making in the coming years. 

Tuesday 16 April 2013

Serpent and the Swan

Serpent and the Swan unveiled their SS13/14 collection, Insecta Botanica at this years fashion week and all I can say is that it was an instant winner with me. They had transformed The Box into a botanical museum, where models were partially enclosed in display cases amongst Serpent and the Swan jewellery, coppered bones and plant samples. Combined with the ambient music of forest and insect noises, it really felt like we were transported back to a time where people didn't understand science, getting the cold meant you were going to die and showing your ankles was a wardrobe malfunction. Lucky for Serpent and the Swan, there was no wardrobe malfunctions that day.

It was fitting then, that this season's print was inspired by 18th century botanical plates. Serpent and the Swan stayed true to their darker aesthetics by making their floral print a bit edgier and quirky by including insect dissection and anatomical drawings of teeth in it. With floral prints taking up over half of my wardrobe already, it's safe to say that I will definitely be adding this seasons printed men's button up to the family.

And is it possible for someone to love an in-animate object more than anything else in their life? Because I'm experiencing some intense lust-love-infatuation for the horse head toggle mesh shirt. Is it not the most insane thing you have ever seen?! The toggles are all hand crafted, painted and sewn on and I can just imagine what a bitch that would have been to create. So naturally I want one. Actually I'll take two please. Of everything.

Thursday 4 April 2013

Next Big Design Talent

One of the places I frequent the most is 100 Squared in Westfield Pitt St. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, it is an innovative space where new and emerging labels are able to present their designs. Perfect for finding those unique gems.

In an attempt to continue unearthing the next up-and-coming fashion label, 100 Squared have teamed up with Shop Till You Drop magazine to search for 2013's "next big design talent". The winner will win a heap of awesome stuff such as a prize package to the value of $10,000. Yeah thats 10 whole G's. Crazy stuff. 

Check it out here and kickstart your amazing career peeps!