Tuesday 23 June 2015

Welcome to fast food LA

Cabazon Dinosaurs at sunset ft Erick

3 hour car ride to Salvation Mountain just before sunset

Venice beach in winter
Hanging out on the rooftop in Downtown LA

-3 degrees in Joshua Tree National Park
Lucia never without her one true love, the iphone

I was 8 years old the first time I flew to Los Angeles. I don't remember much about the trip except ending up in the McDonalds restroom, amazed by the amount of water in the toilet bowl. It was double to triple the amount used here in Australia. Oh and that I couldn't figure out how to flush the damn things so I resorted to flinging the door open in despair and asking a total stranger to flush it for me. How embarrassing. (Note to future first time American travellers, it's the handle protruding out of the bottom side of the bowel).

Fast forward 15 years and not much has changed. No, not that I haven't mastered the art of flushing American toilets but that I somehow ended up eating McDonalds nearly every day. But could you blame me? You could buy 20 chicken nuggets for $5. Yes that's right, 5 freaken dollars. I was in heaven. So no matter what part of LA I was in, whether it be on the boardwalks of Venice, or in Beverly Hills, you could always find me with a 20 pack of nuggets. And no this isn't a shameless plug for the golden arches but just me reminiscing on the good times when I was eating greasy fast food.

But it was more than just the food that made me fall in love with Los Angeles. The city offered so much energy and life that you would never get bored here. Mainly due to the face that LA is HUGE. It's so massive that even locals don't venture out of their own neighbourhoods. You could drive for an hour on the infamous highways and end up in a completely unique region with its own culture and lifestyle. My suggestion is if you really want to do an 'authentic' LA trip, then stay in multiple areas to really get a good vibe from the city. Oh and hire a car because I ain't joking when I talk about how big LA is.

Oh and buy heaps of fast food.