Sunday, 1 March 2015

San Francisco pt 1

Meet Erick. My smoking hot, ultra tall, uber skinny with cheekbones that can cut class friend whom is studying some really intensely intellectually advanced degree to do with brains or something. We've known each other for several years, usually bonding over a bottle of wine in a back alley in Surry Hills some happy-hour drinks at the local water hole.

He is my go to friend for a good night out in town, but I've never, ever, considered him as a travel buddy. Not because there is something insanely wrong with him (Apart from the fact that he won the lottery and got the whole looks and brains package) but because travel has never been a topic we've really discussed.

Yet when I got the opportunity to fly to the US for a holiday, I extended an invitation to him. Though, to be honest, I was expecting my half-hearted invitation to come join me 16 hours across the world, to be met with a 'Would totally love too but I can't soz' reply.

But instead, It was met with a huge exclamation of 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'. Kind of like the bad scripts in budget pornos.

Forward 3 months and we are in the opposite hemisphere in San Francisco, living that American Starbucks life, drinking grande mocha frappuccinos with extra whipped cream every day.

What they say about San Francisco being a city full of hills and mountains is definitely not an understatement. Prepare to walk up and down hills one after the other, prepare to start driving and parking on the steepest hills of your life, and prepare to end up with the most toned legs of your life after visiting here.

Even though we were in this beautiful city for only 5 days, we had such a blast. From our late night escapades to the laundromat because we were running out of clean undies to hitting the best gay clubs of our life up at 1am only to find out that any place serving alcohol closes at 2am.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Byron Bay road trip

If spontaneity had a visual mood board it would be this. It all started when the three of us were sitting outside Paddington library eating Messina ice-cream and over priced confectionary bought from the convenience store (which wasn't very convenient at all), mulling over our boredom of Sydney. What is there to do in Sydney besides eat Messina every afternoon we wondered? Then someone, no one can really recall who, suggested a road trip. A road trip we exclaimed, but where too? Byron Bay? Nah thats too far, maybe somewhere close like Newcastle. Newcastle was a safe, realistic achievable place to head too. And so we agreed and made haste arrangements to drive off the following week.

Fast forward a week later and we are in our little car in a freak thunderstorm driving out of Sydney. Doubt entered our minds, should we head back? The torrent of rain provided no visibility and our driver, Lucia, confessed to having poor eye sight. I said my prayers.

Luckily, being really close with God, he answered my prayers and we only had to endure the freak storm for an hour before it settled into a light drizzle. In no time we were in Newcastle. And there we sat in the car wondering, what the hell is there to do in Newcastle? We called locals, went on TripAdvisor, searched on Google, and really there was absolutely nothing to do.

So funny enough we just decided to keep driving north. And we pretty much hit Byron Bay even though we originally were against driving so far. It was an amazing experience, we explored National Parks, went riding on camels and woke up to watch the sunrise over the beach.

Weekend trip down to Melbourne

So a few of my girlfriends and I went down to Melbourne for the weekend. It was actually really great to get away because I was working a ton of hours and hadn't had a break in a long time. Some much needed R'n'R.

Unfortunately we didn't take too many photos because we were having too much fun. You know you are really having a great time when you forget to document your experience and just live it. But I'm sure the few photos I took will make up for it?

And nothing says like a good trashy night as much as making your friend climb a dumpster for your artistic vision. Love you Sophia and Michelle.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Lee Jeans 125th birthday

Longevity is defined as 'a great duration of life', and in the world of fashion, you can't apply that word to many brands. You have your classic no brainers, like Hermes and Louis Vuitton that have withstood the test of time. But there's one brand that you might not think of  Lee Jeans. First produced in 1889, Lee Jeans have just celebrated their 125th birthday, making them older than some sacred fashion houses like Chanel and Prada. But there is absolutely nothing old-fashioned about these guys. 

Still designing with the cool, hip and edgy crowd in mind, you can be forgiven for being shocked at the brand being over a century old! And they sure don't show it having hosted an exclusive party in Luxe studios to celebrate. With champagne flowing and a crazy decor scheme, the place was packed with the coolest kids in Sydney.