Thursday 9 April 2015

Dylan doing dirty

Meet Dylan. A half-asian superbabe prodigy with amazing cheekbones and eyes that can stare into your soul. We've been friends for a few years but it's only been recently that we have started to hang out regularly. Always struck by how amazing his bone structure was, I knew I had to figure a way to get him half naked without causing too much awkwardness between us. And then it hit me! A photoshoot! A perfect way to see his luscious body naked all in the name of art (and not for my own enjoyment).

And because I like my men dirty and rough looking, I gave the make-up artist instructions to have him look dishevelled, like he worked in a coal mine. And to really complete this ultra masculine fantasy I was having, we decided we decided to drive out to the farms to try and find some farmers to join us in a threesome.


But we did drive out west for an hour trying to find a farm. After driving up three driveways and getting chased away by vicious dogs we decided that maybe the farm setting wasn't going to happen. So we ended up down in Wollongong, near a beach town shooting in some trailer parks for a trashy trailer park shoot!


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