Tuesday 16 April 2013

Serpent and the Swan

Serpent and the Swan unveiled their SS13/14 collection, Insecta Botanica at this years fashion week and all I can say is that it was an instant winner with me. They had transformed The Box into a botanical museum, where models were partially enclosed in display cases amongst Serpent and the Swan jewellery, coppered bones and plant samples. Combined with the ambient music of forest and insect noises, it really felt like we were transported back to a time where people didn't understand science, getting the cold meant you were going to die and showing your ankles was a wardrobe malfunction. Lucky for Serpent and the Swan, there was no wardrobe malfunctions that day.

It was fitting then, that this season's print was inspired by 18th century botanical plates. Serpent and the Swan stayed true to their darker aesthetics by making their floral print a bit edgier and quirky by including insect dissection and anatomical drawings of teeth in it. With floral prints taking up over half of my wardrobe already, it's safe to say that I will definitely be adding this seasons printed men's button up to the family.

And is it possible for someone to love an in-animate object more than anything else in their life? Because I'm experiencing some intense lust-love-infatuation for the horse head toggle mesh shirt. Is it not the most insane thing you have ever seen?! The toggles are all hand crafted, painted and sewn on and I can just imagine what a bitch that would have been to create. So naturally I want one. Actually I'll take two please. Of everything.


  1. This looks gorrrrrrgeeousss. I love the textures, I want it all. Amazing.


  2. lol that guy standing in the middle looks like he is at the heighth of awkwardness.

    XX Domenic

  3. These photos are incredible!! and your write up for this was spoken so well! This is one of my favourite posts so far, you have definitely captured the essence of this show. Wish I was there!

  4. Wow! Stunning photographs and I am loving the new collection too. Unique perfection as always.