Sunday 2 September 2012

The Attack of Babes

I was lucky enough to attend the Bendon Lingerie runway show which opened up Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney. All seemed well at the start of the show, women in various states of undress came parading down the catwalk. Nothing out of the ordinary there, just your typical runway show. 

Pretty girl with pretty underwear with a pretty basket full of pretty flowers
At first it was just one girl after the other. 

But then...

 ...there was TWO!

OMG what sorcery is this?

The girl on the right is the same girl from above but in totally different clothing?! 

The various shades of red in their clothing should have foreshadowed what was about to happen. Alarm bells would have been ringing in any normal persons head. But silly me was too distracted by their luscious bouncy hair. 

Oh good she's gone. But wait, now there's FIVE! The girls trippled minus one in number by some form of mitosis! Who would have known Year 12 Biology would come in handy. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of beauty surrounding me. And all those vibrant pop colours just seemed to mesmerise the crowd like some form of hypnosis. And then, when we were all under their spell, they threw balls at us!


An army of lingerie models. I think this is the closest I've been to so many semi-neked woman.
But it wasn't over. Those five models suddenly exploded into an army, they conjured confectionery to rain from the skies even though we were indoors and made everyone clap their hands violently together. 

Then, when all seemed lost, this dashing young chap came to the rescue, freeing me from the clutches of these sexy women.

Thank god for half naked men.


  1. Thank God indeed for half naked men!!

    By the by, I nominated you for an award on my blog (^_^) x

  2. The only thing I could do throughout reading this entire post was laugh!
    Amen to that sista - the world would be a horrible place without half naked men :)

  3. yay if only I weren't living in poverty I would buy some menswear and some surgery to get that body.

  4. LOLz...thank god for the token male underwear model. I feel VERY fat after seeing the Ladies Underwear Army in action *sucks belly in*.

  5. The gym is where it is at, obviously.

  6. perfect bods adn waves! I wish I could do my hair like that x