Tuesday 29 January 2013

Black like My Soul

Provocator asymmetric button up
Provocator lace cardigan
Edwin black jeans
Thrifted boots
Provocator lace cut out dress
Wittner velvet boots
French Connection cuff

Black clothing. The chicest answer to all of your first world, mundane, futile yet somehow totally vital fashion-related problems.

"What colour should I wear to the wedding?" 

"What colour should I wear that compliments my skin tone?"

"What should I cook tonight for my two month anniversary?"

I give the best advice. No really, I do.

So on this particular day I had trouble getting out of bed. And when I mean trouble, I mean REAL trouble. It was one of those "maybe I should call in sick" but even pretending to be sick was too much effort. I had literally hit the snooze button more times than guys have hit on me. Consequently, when I did finally get my ass out of bed, I had just a few short minutes to co-ordinate an outfit and get myself out of the door. This complicated challenge was further impeded by the fact that I was sleep deprived. But then I remembered...

When in doubt, choose black. 

That and I wanted to reflect my annoyed mood at having to wake up so early. I mean, what other colour can express a “badass – too cool for school – I don’t give a fuck” attitude as well as “chicness – OMG I magically lost 10 kilos since you last saw my fat ass in my beloved Juicy Couture trackies” all at the same time!

It was just too easy to chuck on the black knit, black top, black jeans and off course black shoes. And voila, don’t I just look like a million bucks. But remember fashionistas, a good thing to do when wearing H2T black is that you should play with textures and fabrics. In this case, I choose to wear a lace cardigan because the lace propels it from a simple black cardigan and into fashun on a totally different level. And for bonus street cred, accessorise with a matching Lola in black lace.

And yes, I know that my blog has the word “Colour” in it but I decided to balance all the gayness colorfulness I put out into the interwebs with another mainly black outfit! That’s two black outfits in less than a month! Aren't you guys just spoilt? And you know what they say, once you go black you never go back.


  1. There this brilliant quote: “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this: “I don’t bother you - don’t bother me”.” — Yohji Yamamoto. I think your post reinforces the versatility of black. I really like how you play with different textures of black, especially love the lace cardigan, it's gorgeous! And Lola's cutout dress is so perfect too, hnnnng n_n

  2. You are so hot baby.

    xoxo Domenic


  3. seriously, I don't think you could be any hotter if you tried!

  4. Ahhhh that dress :'( SO BEAUTIFUL
    And I guess you're okay too ;)

    1. In regards to our bitten lips. We must stay away from infection

      Ex oh bitch ; p

  5. Lovely and hilarious. I chose black today too!! After hitting snooze three times!

  6. Black is the way to go! Agreed.. love your blog and this post:) awesome!

  7. nice photos. Couldn't agree more. Black is the best go to color.

  8. You guys are looking STUNNING!
    Love your style!
    You have a fucking awesome blog! Love it!



  9. bahahaha like 80% of my clothes are black, ive only started to emerge out of my lil black box and have a few colour pieces. Black is just friggen slimming and flattering.
    You and your friend are both so gothically hot in your black outfits huhu :)


  10. I completely agree, black is the best.