Thursday 10 January 2013

Turkey Slapped

Givenchy t-shirt
Alistair Trung metallic knit jumper
DSTM jacket
Edwin jeans
Timbaland boots
Wearing exactly the same thing but with, and correct me if I'm wrong, a
bad ass expression.

So Lola and I have this very strange relationship. Most days, you can expect her to be chasing after a terrified me and ripping my clothes off in some sort of heated, animalistic, crazy bitch form of foreplay, love making, sartorial incest. This results in Lola wearing all my clothes and me standing there neked. Weird right? She blames her Bipolar, I blame her sexual frustrationand the desire to see my washboard abs.

It’s a very serious problem and I was starting to get worried but then she unexpectedly jetted off to Berlin or Tokyo or whatever. I wasn’t really paying attention to be honest, I was just glad at finally being left in peace and finally being able to wear my clothes! It was short-lived though. Lola came back, but she wasn’t alone. As well as the vintage chain-print silk scarf she'd gotten me, she had brought back this amazing drape-y black silk jacket for herself. What happened next, I’m not quite sure? I blacked out. According to Lola though, I chased her around the office trying to rip that jacket off her. 

So this double lapel jacket is from Berlin label Don't Shoot the Messengers and it's the first item that I have borrowed from Lola’s wardrobe. I keep pressuring her to fly overseas now so she can bring back more clothes for me to wear. Now she's in Indonesia, and she better come back something amazing or I'm going to steal her laptop and cash out all her frequent flyer miles. I mean she wears ALL of my clothes and there’s only one thing that I can borrow from her. Not very fair. Hopefully the next item will be a Chanel tweed jacket. Or this offensively orange swimsuit she's wearing here in a photo she's sent me from Bali. I guess that will make us even.

Vintage swimsuits from LASSKAA's closet
Lola wears Karen Walker sunglasses and hair dye gone wrong


  1. Poor Lola and her accident in Bali though! Can't believe you two are the same size for you to borrow stuff from her wardrobe!


  2. Haha, I love reading your posts!

    You look groovy, definite bad-ass expression in the second photo!

  3. haha... great story! lola looks lovely and so do you! ;)

  4. Unf your bad ass expression, high feshun model!!!!!!
    But seriously can I be you
    Also disco ball earrings be mineeeee

  5. Haha, wow, Lola sounds awesome xD And very sexually frustrated lol
    Love the jacket and that you borrowed it from her!

    Trendy Teal

  6. LOL im so lost at who Lola is but reading your post made me lols you make her sound like a maniac.
    Oooo Givenchy tee <3 so much love for it!!
    Love the bad ass expression hehe


  7. You are gawgeous!
    Lola is not the only one that wants to see your washboard abs - I'm going to have to steal that Givenchy tee off you :)

  8. Absolute peach of a blog

    Sincerely, Alexa x

  9. I love that Givanchy shirt!


    My Dutch Fashion Style

  10. Love the boots and tee.

    xoxo Domenic