Wednesday 23 January 2013

All I want in life is to lie in bed with my dog =n_n=

I've got some serious back to work blues. After a fun-fueled end of year break, its hard getting back into your daily nine-to-five routine. I severely miss the abundance of leisure time, the sleep in's and the ability to just forget about deadlines. To be honest, I've already started looking at travelling websites mentally planning my trips for the year. Who wouldn't want to swim with dolphins, dance in the nightclubs of New York or be in one of those pristine, amazing destinations companies on Facebook seem to always put up with the caption "Like if you want to be here!" Sometimes I think if I like enough of those photos someone would take pity on me  and take me there. I'm looking at you interweb friends. Hopefully though I'll get to fulfill one of my travel plans this year. 

Saying all of this though, I do go through conflicting thoughts about my goals for this year. Some days I tell myself I'm going to be really focused, productive and use my time more efficiently. Make lots of money, look fabulous all the time and eventually I will succeed in my goals for world domination. Then other days I'm like, screw work and making a name for myself, all I need is my dog and my bed. The whole live within your means, money doesn't bring you happiness, work to live, don't live to work kind of mantra. But then I think about how nice the latest Dries Van Noten collection would look on me, or maybe a Balmain jacket and then I'm back at square one. 

So really guys, the point of the whole two hundred and fifty word rambling is to keep a healthy balance between your goals for world domination and living on your bed with your dog every day. Don't forget to have a life outside of work and nourish your relationships with friends and families. 

And if you are possibly one of the lucky ones who feature on Rich Kids of Instagram aka I don't work but I can nourish my relationships whilst wearing/driving/drinking/eating the best things in life then I hate you. No not really, but I'll send you photos on Snapchat in exchange for money from your trustfund. 

Where business and pleasure meet ft Yan Yan and not Lola
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  1. I have my holiday's planned through to 2015...I kid you not.

  2. Very true about the work/life balance and an interesting thought about the future. I have the same sort of thoughts when I return to study. I think about booking flights interstate or overseas, and now I'm actually studying abroad in Singapore. It's crazy what you can set your mind to. But in the end, it will all pay off. Nice piece, Joseph. x

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