Saturday 28 April 2012

Shop 'til You Bop?

So somehow, by some miracle, I was invited to the Shopbop media showing (thankyou Fashion Gods), an exclusive collection preview that was held in the penthouse suite of the Establishment Loft in the Sydney CBDThis viewing gave me the opportunity to play around with some of their best international designer pieces hitting their e-store this season. Though I must admit, it was more torture than fun. Torture to be surrounded by such incredible pieces and know that none of them are yours. But I assure you, it was a good kind of torture - like when you're on your third tub of ice-cream and you're about to burst but it just tastes soooo good. It was so good actually that I visited their show rooms twice. Yes I think I have a problem but can you blame me?  

Alexander Wang floral shirt

This is my "I'm about to steal this jumper and you can't stop me face". Sadly, due to me having the physical strength of a seven year old child, I was easily stopped. 

Rag and Bone jumper
 Do you think blue is my colour? So would rock this piece at Fashion Week.

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  1. cute photos!
    i'm loving the rag and bone jumper - definitely your colour :)

  2. Oh to be surrounded by such amazing fashion and being unable to own it. But sometimes fashion is enough just to be touched and seen (at least for me).

    The racks are calling me!

    xo Joana

  3. Loved this... Such perfect timing when we were leaving and happened to see you heading in. I kept saying random fashion related words in hope that someone would come out of nowhere and shout "And that's the secret word. You've won the contents of this room as well as one billion sherbibity-gazmill-bajillion dollars!" À la Dr Evil (if he was running a game show) but I just sounded like a douche.

    And yes, that jumper is so you. Stuff stealing that other jumper, Rag & Bone it is! x

  4. That looks amazing, love the blue jumper!

  5. So cool stuff! <33


  6. Alexander Wang!!!! I may have just died and gone to heaven. I wouldn't blame you when said 'Im about to steal this jumper'. Great post Joseph.

  7. wonderful, we think blue would look really good on you :)


  8. love the last piece your holding!

  9. great pics *-*
    thanks for your lovely comment and come back always!

  10. Oh my gosh, think I died a little bit when I saw the A.Wang golf bag. Holy cow what a surreal experience that would have been! Being in NZ I unfortunately dont get the same exposure to designer labels but its wicked cool that you've been able to be up close and personal to some completely covetable brands ^_^ Looking absolutely fabulous Joseph as per usual, I like the hue of blue on this jumper, not pastel which is refreshing and adore the variations of yarn colour used. LOVELY


  11. you are so kind!
    love all here

  12. You are so lucky to have been invited! Everything looks amazing, and that blue definitely suits you! I am loving your blog.. so I followed! xx

  13. haha thanks :D
    yeah, it is^^
    one day you take a whole row of pics that look amazing and the other day... never mind^^

    xoxo Jen

  14. The Alexander Wang floral shirt it heavenly! I recently stumbled across your blog and I love it so much! I particularly like your header, this is an odd question, but I was wondering which font you used in your header? I look forward to reading your future posts, following you on BlogLovin <3

  15. i want that blue sweater too. sigh. i love shop bop. i always get their newsletters even though i can't even afford to buy any of the stuff they sell