Wednesday 25 April 2012

Ruffled Feathers

Fashion week is stressful. I thought I could handle it, I thought I was good with managing my time. But look what's happened. The stress has finally hit. I've sprouted feathers.

CUE feather shoulder pads
Thrifted shirt
Sass & Bide jeans
Thrifted brooch
Yves Saint Lauren Boots

My body went into survival mode and as a result I've grown these black feathers around my shoulders. Naturally, my body would think feathers would fix anything but I didn't even get colourful, sparkly, make you shit rainbows kind of feathers. I mean, if I had those, at least they would accurately reflect and enhance how flamboyantly gay I am. But no, I just get plain ole black.

Now, I know how Natalie Portman felt in Black Swan. Barring the whole being chased by your own shadow, having homoerotic dreams having erotic dreams about Mila Kunis, and stabbing my abdomen with a shard of glass, we are basically having the same psychotic episode. Now I'm a bit afraid to do anything resembling a twirl in case I transform into a full fledging bird.

Provocator hooded dress
ASOS gold cuff
Platform wedge boots from eBay

The problem started when Lola and I were lucky enough to be collectively invited to the Sasha-Rose début collection show, Phoenix Keating's tran-seasonal collection DE-SEX show and Fashion Palette's launch night. What wasn't lucky though, was that all events were half an hour apart from each other, on completely different ends of the city. That's where the stress began. We decided to not even attempt to try and make it to Fashion Palette's launch. They had this 'Spring Chic' theme which did not bode well with our outfits - we'd channelled our inner goths and looked more Hunchback of Notre Dame than Spring Fling queens.

The Sasha-Rose collection began first, held in a shabby-chic converted warehouse space in Chippendale. She showed some really lovely, feminine and versatile pieces, the stand out for me being the pale pink blazer stained with ink patterns. The contrast between the structured fitted jacket and the unpredictability of the ink worked well together.

As soon the show wrapped up, we were the first ones to dash out and flag down a cab to Paddington Uniting Church. Sad to say however, we still missed the Phoenix Keating show which I was incredibly disappointed about. Lady Gaga has performed in his clothes the last time she was in Australia, and could you blame her? Their collection is full of latex, leather and ropes, basically a BDSM wet dream but without the awkward wet bed sheet in the morning. We did manage to catch the designer backstage though and had a chat with the lovely Phoenix himself - can you believed how amazing and established he is at merely age 20? Talk about making me feel inadequate. Hopefully I'll get to see his work in the showroom soon, and that'll make up for all the time spent running around the city trying to find the obscure locations they hold fashion shows!

Backstage at DE-SEX
Shoes by Senso
Man of the hour, Phoenix Keating
Stylist Manuel Spiropoulos
Designer Rosanna de Couvreur and Tom Saint-Cyr
Rosanna's rad grandma
Photographs by Lola Li.


  1. so amazing!
    i'm loving the shoulder pads <3
    looks like you had an amazing night, loving the backstage and runway shots

  2. OMG everyone looks so amazing. I love your feather shoulders-- I have a vintage sweater my mom gave me that has big feather shoulders. I should wear it soon!! And you are hilarious. And that man in the green skirt is gorgeous.

  3. i know the feeling. sometimes i think i can do it all and that ..boom.. i can't move. amazing pictures!


  4. The feathers are awesome! Love your ode to Black Swan! Sounds like a crazy fun evening!!


  5. Wow great show!! But.. you are not like black swam, you are like Brandon Flowers!! Love this post.

  6. I love the feathers in the blazer and the gold detail on the collar!

  7. Such cool shoulder pads. You two look so chic

    xx maggie

  8. u look amazin any way:)

    kiss dear


  9. so wonderful!

  10. Joseph,

    Again, I'm so impressed by your style and your photos. Your style, especially. I never bother looking into male fashion, but you are the stylish exception.

    Btw, have you met Nora? ( She went to the same show! I'm obsessed with the blazer.

    Always looking forward to your updates! xo

  11. nice post, love the feathers, reminds me of a jacket the lead singer of the killers used to wear!

  12. You looked amazing!! Those feathers are the perfect touch :)

  13. yur outfit is killing it!
    love it!

  14. oh my, i love the feather details,
    great outfit!

  15. lola's photographs never disappoint. i love your outfit with the little gold brooch. i love all black so am liking this a lot and Lola always looks amazing, gosh. love the closeup shots of the collections

  16. Anyone know what fabric is that green skirt made from?