Saturday 3 March 2012

Galaxy Prints and Shop Till You Drop

Subfusco Digital Fire Tee
Wrangler Black Skinnies
Dr. Martens boots
Vintage Bag

On the hottest day this summer, with the temperature hitting well over 30 degrees, I ventured out of my little protective air-con home, into a hot tin train and off into the city to meet my lovely friend Charlotte Koch. I wore my amazing Subfusco Digital Fire tee, because I thought It would help you guys comprehend the sheer hotness of the day. But to be truthful, I personally think the top looks more like a galaxy print than fire. I first laid eyes on this beauty around about five months ago when I was a dresser for Mercedez Benz Fashion Festival. After scouring the internet trying to locate the source of this visualgasm I had to then endure another long wait for it to finally be released on their online store. Finally, after many sleepless nights I had one express posted to my door. The back is actually quite different to the front, it's more teal in colour and has a somewhat futuristic print. But we forgot to take a photo so you will have to just believe me.

Also let me just say that my friend Charlotte, is so amazingly beautiful inside and out and is so, so, so artistically talented. Proven in the fact that she came second in the state for Visual Arts in the HSC. I can confidently say that she will be doing amazing things with her life.

I mean look at this painting.

And what's even worse is she is talented in every medium imaginable. She even made her own outfit out of a table cloth her host family in Japan gave her when she lived there several years ago. How cute is this DIY top? The cat print is just so adorable and I love the boxy cut of the top. Damn, attractive, talented people :(

Soon enough after getting our daily fill of Starbucks frappuccinos and venturing into the terrifying wilderness of Hyde Park's bush, she soon grew bored of me and left me to fend for myself :( Luckily I had scheduled to meet another of my close friends Michael Day, who is almost as amazing as Charlotte. Almost.

After a quick dinner at Mamak we headed to the Ivy Den to for canapés and yes, I know. We moved from eating at one location to another for the entirety of the day but whatever, we went for the free talk "Shopaholics Anonymous: Voguish fads and fashion faux pas" hosted by the editor of Shop Till You Drop, Justine Cullen; Fashion Publicist, Sarah Stavrow; and model April Rose Pengily. They discussed current trends, designers and tips and tricks to shop online and I absolutely fell in love with Justine Cullen, she was such a great speaker and was so poised, confident and funny. She was simply lovely and I would recommend the magazine purely on the basis of how well-presented she was (though it's actually a really good magazine). Here's a snap of us with her!

Michael and I with the editor of Shop Till You Drop, Justine Cullen


  1. that top is a galaxy and beyond

  2. How great that Tee is!

  3. Every time we see Galaxy prints, they bring back to our memory this old post of ours.
    Leonardo & Alessandro

  4. Your shirt reminds me of the Christopher Kane galaxy prints. Love it!


    Luis (my blog!)

  5. Absolutely! We always have a great laugh ;-)
    Such a cool blogpost you have here, great pictures too!

    We love it! Nino & Christophe

  6. Amazing T-shirt!!


  7. In love.. with that shirt O___O you wear it well!