Thursday 8 March 2012

Eastpak Launch Party

The torrential rain didn't do much to deter us or anyone else from hitting up the Eastpak launch party in Alexandria last week, held in a warehouse that was beautifully refurbished from a ship construction site into this cosy space. Eastpak established themselves in 1960 designing US military gear and then soon migrated into the more commercial and profitable territory of college backpacks and messenger bags. Known for being durable, each item comes with a thirty year warranty. Thirty years, I kid you not. Talk about a sound investment. The preview displayed pieces from the SS12/13 collection, featuring collaborations with Kris Van Assche (artistic director for Dior Homme), Kenzo and WoodWood.

Saint Augustine Academy shirt
Brent Wilson bow tie
Wrangler skinny jeans
Yves Saint Laurent boots
Brooke wears:
 American Apparel Dress
Therapy Heels
Lola wears:
Stylestalker blouse
Kate Moss for Topshop shorts
Holly wears:
Romance was Born dress

Since Eastpak is more of an urban street label I thought it would be fitting to wear a ghetto thug outfit, however sadly my wardrobe does not accommodate for such dope items so I wasn't left with many options. I decided to don my Brent Wilson bow tie and though it is hardly "street", my justification is that the pattern is achieved through spray paint stencils and you can't get much more ghetto than spray painting. I teamed it up with my Saint Augustine academy shirt - it brandishes these pleather shoulder panels which I think are a-mazing little details that differentiates it from being just another white shirt. Sadly, I recently learnt that Saint Augustine Academy has since gone out of business :(

What is even more unfortunate though, is that while I was being all charming and cute with the security guard, I leant back on the roller door hinges at the entrance and received a fat mould stain on the back of the shirt :( :(

Major crime against fashion

The party however, was fabulous; dishing out Peroni, Chateau Du Faucon and MOTIF wine, and Jameson scotch and dry cocktails as well as delicious, delicious free food - a stunning spread of French cheeses, cured meats, olives, fruit, and bread by Luxe. Did I mention it was all free? I think this is my fourth post declaring my absolute love for free things. Even better when the free things are being served too you by attractive bartenders... free food, drinks and attractive men at the same time? Yes please. Thank you to Lola at Figs & Brie for these photos, you can blame her for the gratuitous amount of food pornography. And human pornography:


  1. looks like a really amazing event!

  2. cute bow tie! :)
    love eastpak, love jansport!

  3. The head of your log is so simple yet so effective.

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    1. Ngaw thanks man :D that's really nice of you!

  5. love the look ;) u look great
    thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog! ;)
    love to follow u back, xoxo

  6. Thanks for ur comment ! :D U look so preppy and I like it ! :D mind to follow each other ? :)

  7. When I saw your comment on my blog I was like!!!!!!!!! I love stalking your blog but i'm always too shy to comment. but seriously, it's amazing. You're amazing!

  8. Thanks for your comment! I love that colour green! The Launch party looks great!

    xx Marije

  9. This looks so amazing. The food and people are great. Cool look, love the bow tie! Thanks for visiting my blog, following :)

  10. I think you and lola look amazing together!

  11. Food porn and beautiful people? 1st time visiting but already ♥ your blog

  12. I love your style:) and your pictures are so pretty.. what camera do you use? I'm saving up for one.. not sure yet which one to buy!

    1. Hi! I'm Joseph's photographer, I'm currently using a Canon EOS 400d with a Canon 28mm f/1.8 USM lens :)

  13. loving your blog . okay you got the style, and the people around you. You rock!

    View and Follow? ;)

  14. Sounds like SO much fun. I'm loving your outfit, because it's so minimal with your adorable bow tie.


    Luis (my blog!)

  15. really nice!

  16. I admire your style :) It's so quirky and personalized :)
    Anyone who can don a bowtie as good as you needs to be idolized!

  17. very nice bow tie. i like.
    that foooood!

    - styleODYSSEY :)

  18. love eastpak
    love your lookkk

  19. last photo is my favorite, looks like it could be in magazine and the lighting is perfecto