Sunday 26 February 2012

Layers in Summer

Jack London coat
Jack London mohair jumper
Wrangler jeans
Jeffrey Campbell boots

Thrifted white blouse
Thrifted gold choker

So I have a confession to make. You will probably think I'm really stupid and that I never passed 3rd grade science.

My problem is I find it extremely difficult to read the weather.

It's true. Every day before I decide on my outfit I Google the weather forecast and up comes some picture with a number beside it. And on this particular day it was min 19 degrees and max 22 degrees with pictures of clouds and rain. Now I know that heatwaves are like 35+ degrees, and combined with the fact that there was pictures of rain and clouds I naturally thought "Omg its going to be so cold!" and started packing on the layers. Oh how I was wrong. It was humid, warm and I looked like I dressed for winter while everyone around me looked like they were heading to the beach. :(

Even so, I had a wonderful time with my friend Lola Li, getting fat eating Mexican, fried sushi,  takoyaki, then more sushi, Asian desserts and going for drinks after. Miraculously I didn't manage to spill anything on my white garments either! I think Lola and I looked pretty matching that day, we make such a cute couple, credit to her for these photos <3<3<3

MinkPink blouse
Evil Twin velvet shorts
Jeffrey Campbell litas
ASOS spike bracelet
Vintage sunglasses

 PS. My jumper malts like a bitch.


  1. you look exceptional in that top outfit

  2. I love everything I'm seeing here! xoxo