Thursday 9 February 2012

Boys and Bears

What a better way to end the fabulous month of January than to go to a Boy and Bear guerilla gig in manly!! WOOOOOO for free stuff! especially music gigs! It's really good to see a huge band go back to the roots of music and play their music because they enjoy it and not for the $$$. The crowd was great and very considerate of others with the people at the front sitting down so people had a better view from the back. Best of all it was freeeeeeeeeee, and everyone knows free stuff is 1000000x better.

Here's a photo my dear friend Katrina captured of them playing.
That's them in the bottom right

So what does one wear to one of these events?

Doc Martin Shoes (thrifted)
Ksubi Jeans
Hugo Boss messenger bag
Nathan Smith top (thrifted)
Elgar & Lyle necklace
Thrifted Bomber jacket

When I saw this jacket, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Words can not simply express my absolute love for this Bomber Jacket. I think it's such a steal. It reminds me a bit of Versace mixed with Hermes. Versace's colours with a Hermes print. And I bought it real cheap from my friends vintage store Louise Maree Vintage!

I also decided to team it up with my Ksubi paisley jeans which I am really fond of. The print is quite subtle which doesn't detract away from the statement jacket but when close enough adds another level of detail to the ensemble.

I also want to make a quick note of my friend Danie's outfit on the day. I thought it was simple, classy and rocking the Aztec trend. 

She got this skirt from "some random asian store"

Pictures courtesy of Louise


  1. Amazing outfit!! I love your style. And your friend is very fashionable! :)