Friday 24 February 2012

Little Heroes

Ksubi silk top
Wrangler jeans
Maskarada bracelet
Dr. Martens boots

I started my new internship at the lovely PR company, Little Hero this week. They do PR for brands such as Cheap Monday, Jeremy Scott x Adidas, Therese Rawsthorne, Flannel and Romance was Born. Yep, that's right. I get to work with Romance was Born, one of Australia's hottest new designers. Hopefully, I'll also be able to assist them backstage at their runway show for Sydney Fashion Week, which I am dying to do. Me, backstage at Sydney Fashion week? I get tingles just thinking about it. 

So here I was, going through my usual routine of checking the weather forecast to decide what I was going to wear when funny enough, I received the same exact forecast I got for my Layers in Summer post. But this time I knew better :) So for my first day interning I decided to wear this lovely Ksubi silk top. It's my go-to outfit for summer, my fail-safe "omg its sooooo hot and I want to walk around naked but I don't want to let everyone know how weird I am" outfit. It's as light as a feather, breathes really well and simply looks amazing. I love the print, I love the fabric, I love the colour, I just love love love it. 

And my experience so far interning at Little Hero has been delightful. Everyone I've worked with has been so lovely and funny and it's just a really positive working environment. And I also get to play with new season clothes before it hits retail stores! How cool is that? YAY for not working with boring commercial brands!! YAY!!

On a side note, I also wore this outfit to help my dear friend Louise move into her new share house and that's where we took these pictures! How sick are those couches? 


  1. Hey, there, I've just stumbled across your blog. It's gorgeous! And I love your Ksubi top. I'm going to attempt to follow you now. Feel free to wander over and check out my blog too :D

    A x

  2. Loving the tee. Nice blog :)

    Annest X

  3. Hey Joseph! I replied your comment about your concerns on IKEA hangers :) Anyway, I think you have a great sense of style, very colourful and unique! I just recommended your site to my boyfriend :) Have a great day and keep up with the good work!