Saturday 18 February 2012

Marchesa Fall 2012

So as New York Fashion Week 2012 draws to a close, I decided that I'd do a feature of a designer who I thought had stood out. This year, it had to be Marchesa. The Marchesa Fall 2012 collection was simply breathtaking, there was not one single garment in the entire collection that I didn't love. If I possessed one of these dresses I would honestly wear it everywhere, every day - while shopping for groceries, doing chores, I would even sleep in it too, just so I could feel like a million bucks every second.

This is what I love about Marchesa. Collection after collection, they produce these gowns which look as if they're worth their weight in gold; the delicate lace embroidery alone, would've costed thousands of dollars. Admittedly I have a serious weak spot for lace (gift me lace and I'm all yours), but these ornate details have a timeless beauty beyond their material value.

The inspiration this season was the late nineteenth century painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau's 'A Soul Brought to Heaven', its aesthetic evident in all the beautiful feathers, winged embroideries, lace and the softness and femininity of it all. These were juxtaposed by select "darker" pieces, featuring elaborately laser-cut black leather, dark tulle details and intricate skeletal embroidery designs, in a way which I felt harmonised the whole collection. This having been only their second runway show, I thought they put up a stunning production.

I can just imagine it...
Yay for Codie Young! YAY AUSSIE MODELS!