Thursday 28 February 2013

Valentines Gay

 Joseph wears:
Vintage shirt
Wrangler Jeans
Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes
A stolen bouquet of flowers
An empty bottle of wine

Flowers sprouted from my chest because I'm just that damn adorable

This was originally going to be a Valentines Day blog post but I mean, it's two weeks late and it probably isn't going to give me any SEO favours. So I'm just going to transition this V-day blog into a post about how I stole borrowed my friend's floral shirt and his Valentines roses, carried them around with me so it looked like I was loved, and then let Lola crash his place for the night without telling him and consequently having him walk into his own room at 5:30AM to find her sprawled half-naked in his bed.

Its a fair trade right? I mean an old, vintage floral shirt and half a dozen roses in exchange for having hot, unconscious Lola in your bed? It was like the opening scenes of a bad porno movie. Thank god there were condoms on the bed side table. Unfortunately however, he's gay and proceeded to flee the room and call me in a panic, waking me up before 6AM with his hyperventilating. This was definitely not his teenage wet dream. 

Which is totally weird and stupid because look how amazing Lola looks, especially in that ice grey Maurie & Eve silk shirt dress. AMAZING right?! Probably the first time she looked better than me. I mean I should totally be straight by now. Okay, maybe not but really, I think she looked so sophisticated and the lace shoulder details really helped give the dress a feminine touch. She just looked so innocent and womanly. Definitely one of her better wardrobe purchases. 

Lola wears:
Maurie & Eve dress
NLY heels


  1. Joseph - love love love that shirt, and you're looking foxy as usual!

    Lola - I DIE. YOUR HAIR IS BLOODY FAB and that dress, SIGHHHHHHH!!!


  2. I feel like belting out a Whitney Houston ballad just for you, because WHO NEEDS PRICKLY ROSES AND STOLEN WINE ANYWAY. But you look like a heartbreaker already, you probably left a trail of broken hearts behind with your vintage shirt and they're too upset at the visage of you holding these commercialized gifts that they think you're taken. And so, they have probably dived into an imaginary pool of acid and are now rocking back and forth in the corner because of their love for you. Wow Lola looks so incredible with her Maurie and Eve dress, its like it was made for her. And the shot looks like its straight out of a Wong Kai War film, ugh you two beautiful creatures.

    1. This is the best compliment anyone has ever given me

  3. love that shot of Lola's heels, the rose and the checkered floor!

  4. Lovely pics ♥


  5. I thought that you were getting ready to spend a romantic evening with your other half. Regardless of borrowed floral tops and roses, you looked great - wait, you both looked great. I can't imagine how funny the situation with your friend was in retrospect. Have a great weekend!

  6. That last photo is so beautiful! I love the steel toe capped shoes too ;P

  7. LOVE your v-day outfit and omg LOLA looks AMAZING~


  8. I am loving those red roses and her white dress!
    So cool!


    My Dutch Fashion Style

  9. just rad!!!!

  10. Love love love your outfit and Lola looks fantastic!

  11. The whole story is kinda funny . Loved your jeans & her mules . Loved your blog as well if you want we can follow each other via GFC if yes follow me & I will surely follow back.


  12. LOLOLOL lovely story.
    Seriously though Lola would make gays turn straight. Shes so friggen gorgeous and that dresssss *jaw drop* its amazing.
    Kudos for stealing floral shirt and flowers from your friend we all need to share the roses cos who needs a dozen anyway hehe