Tuesday 12 February 2013

Serial Killer Style

Serial killer mask
Thrifted Paisley shirt
Ksubi denim jacket
Edwin jeans
Thrifted shoes
So one of the things that people always seem to comment about is my face. And no it's not how amazingly attractive I am. Quite the contrary actually. It seems I have the "Bitch Look".  My face is somehow always twisted in a kind of annoyed, pissed off, I want to shoot everyone look when in reality I'm imagining myself frolicking in a field of daises, twirling one of those ribbon wands. Your typical Gayboy fantasies. Actually I was lying. I was most likely thinking of a really, incredibly attractive guy. Which begs the question, If I was thinking about one of the sources of eternal happiness, why do I get such an angry face? Maybe it's genetics? Or sexual frustration? Who knows. Let's just hope my orgasm face looks better. Fingers crossed. If not then I would be seriously worried.

Though I do think that on this occasion I was actually annoyed because the photographer pointed out that I wore this shirt in a post last year. The photographer in question? Lola bitch Li*. The post? Kinky Cocktails By The Sea. Anyways it's not the item you wear that matters, it's how you style it. I like to believe that pairing the shirt with double denim from my Ksubi jacket and Edwin jeans gives the whole outfit a edgier look. And as for retribution for trying to embarrass me on my own blog, I may just go serial killer on Lola's ass. Here's a stalker shot of her from my collection á la Death Proof. What happens next? Dun dun dun...

Life with Bird cardigan
ASOS denim
ASOS boots
DIY necklace
* She isn't a bitch, but actually a really lovely person. And no I swear she did not pay me to just write that.


  1. Hahahahhaha it's TOTALLY acceptable to re-wear stuff on the blog! Trust me, you feel rather dirty the first time, but you get used to it :P


  2. Haha omg lovely post.

    xo june.

  3. your a naughty boy!


    xx Domenic

  4. Oh the illustration is similar to my life story... Hahahaha. Hilarious! Great outfit by the way. I like your look. It's fierce and different. Don't be afraid to flaunt it, hehe! xx

  5. I have nominated you with the Liebster Award! You can read on my blog how to nominate others http://www.walkinginmycloset.blogspot.nl/2013/02/liebster-award.html
    X Anka

  6. ahaha such pretty looks! :D


  7. Haha so awesome! I love both looks and that last toon is so true!

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