Sunday 19 August 2012

Warmer Winter Weather

I always grew up preferring winter. Probably because I could always handle the freezing temperature over the sweltering heat. Or maybe it's because it gave me an excuse to layer and wear all my favorite clothes simultaneously and not look stupid... well less stupid. And as I've always said, you can always add more clothing but theres only so much you can take off. But for some reason this winter hasn't gone to my liking. It's been a bit too cold. No really, I'm freezing my tits off

Nathan Smith Shirt
Cheap Monday denim button up
Libertine - Libertine Coat
Edwin jeans
Doc Martens
Luckily though, the weather has gotten warmer allowing me to venture out of my house in something a bit more fashionable than my trackies and ugg boots. I present to you, round two of my more masculine aka straight male aka casual attire

Everyone knows that next to flannel and being in a constant state of shirtless-ness, double denim is up there as one of those key heterosexual outfits. (Not really, I kinda just made that up) So I took out the denim button up shirt and paired it with some jeans in the same shade of grey to increase my masculinity. I figured it would dramatically reduce my chances of being king-hit whilst venturing in Kings Cross. Did it work? Can you actually notice me or do I blend into the background?

Also to help with lowering my threat levels to intoxicated individuals, I decided to bring the biggest distraction known to man. Cute little Asian girl in tight fitting clothes. However after a few too many cocktails at Johnny Wong's Dumpling Bar all the photos I took of Lola were incredibly out of focus. So just imagine a cute little Asian girl. It ain't hard. Here's another picture of me to make up for it.

How have I not been signed up with a modelling agency yet?!
Romance Was Born backpack
Here's a snapshot of some of the things we've been doing:

Who Shot the Serif exhibition launch at He Made She Made Gallery

Oxford St National Park by Under New Management
Johnny Wong's Dumpling Bar launch party
Ksubi Bad Sports launch party Christine Centenera (photo by Rockett Weijers)
Ante Magazine Issue 3 launch party at The Backroom
Trekking all over Sydney in style รก la The Beatles, ovbs.

Photographs by Lola.


  1. I always have outfit envy, darn you! *shakes fist*

  2. hehe, great photos! i love the last one :)

  3. You look snazzy! I love the Romance Was Born backpack. The last photo is so great :)


  4. You're in Australia, right? It's so funny to hear you talk about your cold winter because in the Northern Hemi, it's summer right now and hot and humid!

    1. ahahaha yep I'm in the Southern Hemisphere :( its cold and miserable :(

  5. I definitely agree about winter - it's easier to cope with and I do like winter fashion better. That being said, I'm glad it's getting warmer as well. You're rockin that denim-on-denim!

  6. love your shoes & your bag
    your style is great

  7. are we in the same city!? sydney's been a bit warm for winter lately, not that i'm complaining. love the denim shirt!

  8. This is so you but like old you, it's weird.

    xoxo Domenic