Tuesday 14 August 2012


Jack London Coat
Vintage shirt
Ksubi Jeans
Dr Marten boots
Berry smoothie
Something you should know about us is that we don't back down. When we say we will do it, we will do it*. So when we asked you guys if Lola should buzz the sides of her head skin short we weren't mucking around.  And so due to the flood of comments agreeing about how much of a sick bitch she would look**, we took a quick trip down to the barbers to cut it***.

And how amazing does she look. I was actually a little bit jealous because her hair looked better than mine now.  She can definitely rock the undercut. Also mean how many people can say they have left the fate of their precious hair to the readers of a blog! That's real dedication there. We da numba 1 blog of all tym.

This haircut proved a problem though. Now the question of if we are related, dating or even siblings increased dramatically. We even got a question if we were twins. Now that was a first.

Joveeba knit dress
Lioness blazer
French Connection scarf
ASOS boots
Sunglasses from eBay

* The other time I asked you guys a question, it was if I should remove the pocket from my shirt. I didn't go through with that even though the majority of comments said I should. I mean pockets don't grow back, hair does.
** I lied. We actually had no comments about Lola cutting her hair at all :(
*** I lied again. I actually cut her hair while she slept. She had no choice


  1. Oh my, this is such a great outfit *__* I especially love the vintage shirt! Lola's rocking that hair, if only I looked as awesomely fierce. You cut her hair while she slept?! Screams Jan Brady right there.

  2. Is this really Mr Dang? I saw Lola at a cafe on the weekend...I didn't notice her hair...I was hoping you were with her so we can say HI and you could judge me on my bad outfit...

  3. this outfit is perfect. love the colors chosen. :)


  4. Cool outfits :) I love your hair :)

    I'm following you, plz check my blog :) http://fashionismyway.blogspot.it/

  5. the haircut is so amazing
    she looks awesome!
    great outfits ♥

  6. Agh! Her hair is gorge!
    Also! I went to Jack London with Benny yesterday at Newtown and he was drooling over like 3 trenches! They were having a 50% off sale! Yours is to die for!

  7. wow just in love with this look!!

  8. thx!:) your style is amazing by the way! and nice writing!:)

  9. her hair looks so cute like this! love it!

  10. amazing!!!

    hope you'll enjoy my next posts!!



  11. OMG she looks amazing!! You both do. Loves it.

  12. you both look amazingly perfect.
    wanna follow each other?yes no?


  13. OMG her hair looks so good on her, and like pretty much only her... weird

    xoxo Domenic