Tuesday 12 June 2012

Long-lost Lola

Nathan Smith shirt
Saxony jeans
Leather jacket from random Asian store
Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes
When I introduced Lola to my sister, she proclaimed how Lola looked more related to me than she did. Going by the reactions received whenever we go out, I was starting to believe it was true. Lola and I, Siblings? Could this be true? I quickly sought out my mother to ask her if she had given a daughter up for adoption. Because frankly, the question of me being adopted would never arise seeing as no one would willing disown me, right? My mother, however, wasn't very helpful. She was just head over heels excited that I had brought home a girl, and was asking if we wanted a Spring or Fall wedding. Typical.

But really, you know you have a problem when you look in the mirror and another persons face stares back at you. Not like in a horror movie scenario, where you wake up and look in the bathroom mirror and ohmygawd is that my long lost sister who drowned in a well and is coming back to haunt me because my mother loved me more. More like when you go to your nose job appointment asking to look like Gwyneth Paltrow and come out looking like Shrek. Yes I just made similarities between Shrek and Lola <3

So what better way to break the similarities than a new nose job! I kid I kid. I just got a haircut. One that would help differentiate us and accentuate my lack of facial features, you know high cheek bones, square jaw, big dreamy eyes.

I also brought out these boat shoes that are in the most difficult colour to work with. Right now the only thing I wear with it is the Nathan Smith shirt which is in the same colour because all the fashionistas give me +10 points for colour co-ordinating.

American Apparel dress
Linda's chiffon shawl
Freelance ankle boots
ASOS necklace
Sunglasses from eBay

Photographs by Lola.


  1. Nice haircut! I pretty much died when you elaborated on the seasonal wedding. Aren't you guys cute, haha, Shrek and Lola, I'd probably be intimated by the both of you in real life because of your incredible styles :X I really like how you've complimented your light-wash jeans with your Nathan Smith shirt! Ahh, Lola looks stunning in that dress.

  2. Loving your haircut, as well as your jacket (I may have to steal it off you...)
    Lola is gorgeous - I adore her dress!
    My god, you seriously make me laugh hehe

  3. I'm trying to pick where that photo is take...is that the GPO (oh yeah, lovely boat shoes...and tops haircuts too)!

  4. I just LOVE how your shoes match your shirt! LOVE. And I adore the colour more.

    I am your new follower! xx

  5. Looking good with the hair cut buddy ;) And you mother sound hilarious! She sound like such a stereotypical Asian mum haha.


  6. you both look gorgeous!!!

    xx alex




  7. yesssss to that jacket!!

  8. lol, loved the post
    looking good by the way ;)

  9. Haha funny. Love your shorter hair, great outfit!

  10. i was smiling reading this post. it's just so funny :")

  11. woah never saw this! love this one,
    where was it taken? reminds me of Europe!


  12. you're writing kills it!
    how brilliant is your mother!
    AND the both of you, colour coordinating or not this is fabulous!
    the shoes are beautiful but I doubt they're melbourne-rain-friendly right about now :(
    big love to this blog Mr! xx

  13. I love your outfit mr. dang


  14. You both look so hot omg..

    xoxo Domenic