Wednesday 31 October 2012

Real life Art in the Art Gallery

Anna is wearing
Ae'lkemi full feathered dress POA

Ae'lkemi Chartreuse mini, $1400
Tom Gunn Billie Black & Acid shoes, $369
What's one of the fastest ways to get yourself kicked out from the Art Gallery of New South Wales? Attempt to subtly sneak some drop dead, stunna of a model in a floor length, feathery, bridal couture dress and force her to walk up and down the aisles of the gallery. Nothing out of the ordinary, just your average day taking your model out for her daily dose of exercise*.

While we were leisurely walking around the Art Gallery, the beautiful, floor length Ae'lkemi dress would shed its white feathers, leaving a trail wherever we went. It was reminisce of the closing look of Alexander McQueen S/S07, the dress with fresh flowers on it that would scatter all around her. Combined with the architecture and renaissance paintings surrounding us, Anna became this ethereal  other worldly being who seemed to have descended from heaven and was walking on feathers. Or some other beautiful, poetic bullshit. She was just really pretty.

When it came down to working, we played it cool. Security didn't notice us whilst we staged our impromptu fashion photo shoot. It was all going smoothly, better than expected really** Too bad for us the subtle factor evaporated when hordes and hordes of tourists decided to join in on the "photoshoot", even posing with the model awkwardly. And then the wrath of multiple security guards questioning our every motive descended on us like seagulls finding a potato chip in Circular Quay. It wasn't nice and we ran out of the building like a bride second guessing her marriage to her sugar daddy.
"But we haven't even gotten into third looks yet?!!?"

*Anna is actually a long distance track athlete and has won multiple medals. Her daily dose of exercise is probably the equivalent of three years of exercise for me.

**We called the Museum ahead of the shoot and apparently its illegal to shoot there, "heavy fines are imposed"

Thankyou to Anna @ The Agency and Lola Li for photographing

The closing dress of Alexander McQueen's S/S07 show
by Steven Meisel, Vogue US May


  1. I love art galleries. Great shots of Anna in the beautiful dresses. I especially liked the white one! Haha, what a rebel doing a fashion shoot in the art gallery. Nonetheless, bold move because the photographs turned out gorgeous.

  2. well at least the shots you did manage to get look gorgeous!


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  4. Amazing art, I've always been into extravagnt and interesting art!


  5. Gorgeous pictures!


  6. Haha the shots you did get are fantastic though, so yay anyway x

  7. Great photos! <3

  8. Her shoes are wonderful. I think photography isn't allowed because of copyright laws or something I asked the gallery manager I work with..

    xoxo Domenic