Wednesday 24 October 2012

The struggles of beach attire

Jack London Coat
Jack London pussy blouse
Sass and Bide Jeans
Aldo brogues

I have a problem. A major sartorial, life threatening problem, and no it isn't my credit card bouncing. It's the fact that I am incapable of dressing for fun* times at the beach. This inability to pick out my 3/4 boardies from Lowes, Havaiana flip-flops and Australian flag towel from among a mainly beach redundant wardrobe has led many beach goers and friends giving me confused looks. This might also be related to the fact that I am incapable of deciphering how hot it is even when I load the weather app. You would think that with all these problems in my life I would have qualified for the government doll or something.

But here I am, doll-less wearing jeans, leather shoes and a coat to the beach all the while having people in various states of undress walking past me and staring. Though a part of me likes to believe that they kept staring because they had not seen such perfection before.

* There's nothing fun in burning your feet on hot sand and coming out of the water looking like a drowned rat


  1. Ahahahha, but this outfit at the beach is some kind of awesome :P

  2. I love summer, and one of the perks of summer is being able to go to the beach and experience the hot sand, and cold water. I'm not sure how to pinpoint it, but I love the beach. Nice outfit, especially the coat. Love the sophistication that it brings.

  3. oooo love the coat very sophisticated and i hate summer because of the minimal wear of clothes !! I find there is so much more to wear in the winter!!

  4. I used to be the girl who would wear Doc Martin's around the shore and the only one in skinnies while everyone's exposing their sunkissed skin quite comfortably. I can empathize o/ Though, I think there's nothing wrong with your outfit, it's the most dapper beach-goer I've ever seen. And if you get heat exhaustion? Pshh, a chilled lemon lime and bitters should do the trick :3

  5. Great look on you! Love your blog, totes followed :)

    <3 Anna Vu

  6. Probably your cutest outfit.. ;P

    xoxo Domenic