Thursday 8 November 2012

Día de los Muertos

Therese Rawsthorne shirt
Edwin jeans
Thrifted shoes

One of the things that cemented my undying love for Lola is the fact that she happens to work in the food industry (can't you tell? She's so fat), and consequently, takes me to all her amazing food-related events. So when the opportunity arose to accompany her to one of her Secret Foodies pop-up dining events, I squealed a little too loud over the phone. This resulted in her giving me a solid ten minute lecture about not eating everything in sight. Like I eat anything anyways, it's three months to fashion week!

So fast-forward a week later and suddenly here I am wearing this slightly creepy, overly revealing sheer top and low cut singlet, surrounded by people with faces either done up like a Gothic banshee or without makeup. As seen below, Lola chose the later. She suits the clean, natural look, no?

MinkPink kimono
Cotton On Body corset
Love skirt
Kani rose crown
Diva earrings
Necklace from eBay
This particular event was Día de los Muertos, a Day of the Dead themed warehouse party for Halloween. Following a secret text message with directions leading me to a random parking lot in St Peters, I found Al Carbon (Sydney's latest Mexican food truck!) camped there, dishing out all you can eat tacos all night outside the party. The food was so fresh and mouth watering, I'm ashamed to say, I ate until I could physically eat no more. Aside from the food (most important), there was margaritas, Mexican decorations everywhere, Coronas, face painting, sangria, a Mariachi band and it gets blurry after the tequila...

Almost everyone was in costume, but I guess that someone also failed to mention to the girls that in Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it. There was not one pair of mouse ears or skanky lingerie to be seen the whole night. I'm not sure whether to feel disappointed or relieved.

Photographs by Lola Li.


  1. I love Al Carbon...SO DAMN GOOD! Looks like a fun don't look like a slut at all...

  2. I agree with the point that Halloween is somehow the occasion for girls to dress in a slutty manner. It's not a classy thing that I'm a fan of. Nonetheless, love the Halloween dress ups by your companion, Lola and yourself. Hope you guys had a great night. Unlimited Mexican food? Bonus!

  3. Your Rawsthorne shirt is AMAZINGGGG. I love the transperacy and prints, they're so etheral. Lola looks amazing too, you guys just compliment each other with your incredibly outfits!! I need to get on the Secret Foodies bandwagon, seriously! I think you should be relived not to see skanky Disney characters, some just look too tacky to appreciate, ya'know? You can rock tha flower crown! Hope you had a great Halloween! :)

  4. So amazing. I love dia de los muertos!!!!

  5. Your friend looks absolutely amazing.. so spooky and ethereal! You look lovely also ;)

    x Sharday


  6. Love the make-up and costumes! Great job!

    Kisses xx

  7. Wow such amazing makeup and costumes! Really like your shirt too, even with the faces!

  8. whoah amazing post I love your skirt x

  9. LOVE this so much, the background is awesome and so is the day of the dead theme and everything! You always put so much effort in ;p

    xoxo Domenic