Sunday 8 March 2015

Muir Wood

I love nature. Wherever I travel, usually the first thing I look up, apart from the location of the nearest gay bar, is national parks close enough to escape too. Some people are drawn towards beautiful architecture, be it modern or gothic, but to me, nothing beats looking at the stunning and surreal landscapes that nature can offer.

So when I was in San Francisco it was only natural that I would check out Muir Woods National Park. Muir Woods is home to an old-growth forest that sports Coast Redwood trees. These trees are the tallest trees in the world, with many of the ones in Muir Woods being around 500 to 800 years old. Our adventure to the park was our first time out of the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan American city and into the wilderness. We decided to hire a car to make the trip easier, but in reality, it really didn’t.  Coming from the opposite side of the world where we drive on the left, suddenly driving on the right caused us numerous heart attacks, missed turns and elevated blood pressure that by the time we arrived we were just happy to have survived.

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  1. WOW it looks really magical!!! Thanks for sharing!! I have to put this onto my to-visit list if I ever find myself around there!