Monday 16 March 2015

Golden Gate Bridge


You can't visit San Francisco and not see the Golden Gate Bridge. Its iconic, beautiful and such a vivid rusty orangey-red colour. Even being a person who doesn't really care much about architecture, its hard not to appreciate the grandness of the design as you drive through it. It's appeared in numerous pop-culture films such as Planets of the Apes, X-men and Interview with the Vampire and we knew we couldn't leave San Francisco without seeing it.

Erick and I went to three different lookouts to view the bridge from. The first lookout was on the north end of the bridge, up a steep cliff that provided a view of the bridge and all of San Francisco. Being on an elevated height the views was absolutely stunning especially at sunset.

We then quickly drove to the south end that provided a view of the bridge from the underside. Apparently we missed the turn that allowed you to drive right under the bridge, but are kind of thankful since it is a notorious makeup place.

The final place was on the coast where we able to swim in the ocean with the bridge in the background. I totally freaked out when I found this place out. Getting here we endured the worst traffic jam of our lives but it was well worth it. The walk along the coast as well was so beautiful and calming, a perfect end to a beautiful time in San Francisco.

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