Friday 24 May 2013

Late night swims with Nathan Paul

On my never-ending quest to fill my blog with pictures of hot topless guys and girls, I took a quick trip down to Bondi Beach where Nathan Paul Swimwear was launching his new Spring/Summer fashion film. How could I say no to a perfect opportunity to see washboard abs, tanned beautiful skin and sexy swimwear. Swimwear, the perfect excuse to look at half naked people and not feel like a creep. Ok maybe just a little.

Nathan Paul is one of those awesome guys that makes you feel like you've been friends with him your whole life. Charismatic, funny and energetic, people are naturally drawn towards him. And much can be said the same for the brand. People are just drawn towards it too. (maybe its the half naked people, who knows). It's no wonder that his brand has been such a success with this man at the helm of it. A bit tongue in cheek, he let his models make silly poses at the end of the runway during his 2012 fashion show. Let's just say, there was a few crotch grabbing, resulting in some of the older female photographers in the media pit feigning.

But the most magical thing of it all was what we were inspired to do afterwards. At 11pm, on a drizzling, wet day we decided to go swimming in Bondi Beach! Mixing alcohol and late night swims is probably not the wisest idea but at least no one got stuck in a rip. Or eaten by a shark.


  1. +1 for braving the water in this weather! and washboard abs of course

    steph /

  2. Kudos for the 11pm swim at Bondi Beach, Joseph! And why not seize the opportunity to see some washboard abs and beautiful sunkissed skin? I can't wait for summer to come. It's way too cold in Melbourne at the moment :'(

  3. Night swim at Bondi?? Impressive :) Looks like you had a blast! Haven;t seen you in ages, hopefully we cross paths again soon xx

    ♥ Morgan @
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