Sunday 24 March 2013

Dance with me and my tacky sequin shirt

Lanvin shirt of sequined tackiness RRP $1071 from Luisia Via Roma
I have immense respect for designers and the amount of time and effort it takes for them to create a collection. Trying to come up with a collection that is editorially worthy and commercial enough for your average gal is a hard feat. Especially when you are drawing inspiration from some obscure 17th French painting or something or other.

But really, what the hell is this. 

I'm sorry but a grand for a sequinned polyester tee seems a tad too steep. A WHOLE GRAND. That's like 10 of those 100 dollar bills you see streaming from the roof of Deal or No Deal. Even those ghetto thug guys on Facebook don't have ten 100 dollar bills fanned in their display picture. Yeah, they are Lanvin but c'mon, look at those sequined stars. For four digits those sequins have better been washed in the tears of  twinks losing their virginity on Mardi Gras. No matter how hard you try this shirt ain't going to make you a shiny star babygal.

Is the market for over-priced crap that big? Does Lanvin think they can honestly compete with one of the most prestigious American design houses, Juicy Couture? I'm lost for words. No, but really. What girl, guy, unfashionable person would pay a grand to suggest for people to dance with them. The graphic in the shirt doesn't inspire much hope either. Midget Harry Potter looking guy admiring ghetto hoop earring girl, definitely the start of a great love story.

It's not even so bad its good. It's just bad. Maybe I've gotten old. Maybe there's all these people with an abundance of money and a warped sense of irony. Maybe I can befriend one and convince them to buy it for me. I mean it is half price now. Making it $500$. What a steal.

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