Wednesday 27 March 2013

Beautifying MANKiND

MANKiND Studio
In preparation for the week of Fashion, I thought I would sort through and reacquaint myself with the men's skincare products available. Having millions of photographers chase after you for some candid street style photos in less than two weeks means starting to get good skin is more important now than ever. What I found? That men's skincare is far and few, with the majority of products on the market looking like they were made to clean car grease and motor oil off your skin. Lucky for those who are mechanics. Unlucky for those who never get their hands severely dirty because they don't even know how to lift the bonnet of a car, like me (who would have guessed).

My poor genetics have resulted in me having ultra, sensitive skin and anything that looks like it could strip paint of walls is probably not going to help me retain my eternal Asian youthful looks until, say 60 when suddenly overnight it all catches up with me. Kinda like that scene in Oz the Great and Powerful when the evil witch has her amulet broken and turns 80 in less than 30secs. So to not have a real life re-enactment of that scene, the only skincare I let anywhere near my face has to be designed for sensitive skin. 

Luckily, I found a skincare line called KiND from a men's day spa called MANKiND that works on the principal that all skin is sensitive. Cue wedding bells! They've taken all the bad chemicals out and put all the good stuff in, like free radical fighting antioxidants, avocado oil and white tea extract. And my favorite  rosehip oil! So really, you don't have to worry about finding any artificial colours, soaps, drying alcohols and other bad things that could harm your skin and make you wake up with a face situation similar to Will Smith's swollen face in Hitch. And trust me, it's happened to me before. 

But really, the one product I'm obsessing over is their essential moisturizer which has an anti-inflammatory component that really helps my post shave rash. And yes I do grow some kind of facial hair, borderline fluff. And continuing this flow of amazingness, I found that their spa also do waxing! No more awkward, blank stares from the Asian beauty therapist when you ask for a Brazilian.  


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