Friday 20 July 2012

Edible Fashion

As some of you may know, my two passions in life, apart from boys, is food and fashion. A terrible combination I would have to admit. I mean how many times have you yelled profanities at the top of your lungs from accidentally spilling food on your beloved clothing? Or worse, spilt alcohol on your friend's new designer wallet after a bit too much Sangria? (Sorry Annie <3)

So when I heard of Westfield's exhibition of a combination of both food and fashion, I was just a bit sceptical. Sceptical that they wouldn't simple recreate Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress (no matter how cool it would be). But at least I was a little relieved that I was not the only one who had dreams of being able to eat their clothing. But really, imagine the OHS issue surrounding foothing. Yes, I just created a new word. Then, imagine this becoming a trend and designers sending off starving models down the runway in foothing. That I would love to see.

M.J. Bale and Justin North (Quarter Twenty One)
The Dinner Suit by M.J. Bale and Justin North (Quarter Twenty One)
black wool suit encrusted with black peppercorns, trimmed with nigella seeds on a sea-salt shirt

Alessandro Pavoni (Spiedo Restaurant and Bar) and Ginger & Smart
Neon Italia by Ginger & Smart and Alessandro Pavoni (Spiedo Restaurant and Bar)
calico dress with a risoni pasta crust, glazed with neon green paint and garnished with silver floral detail

Sesame Rocks by One Teaspoon and Amy Chanta (Chat Thai)
black-sesame bikini top
Sesame Rocks by One Teaspoon and Amy Chanta (Chat Thai)
One Teaspoon’s signature denim shorts, woven with Pandan leaves

Grecian Fantasia by Leona Edmiston and David Tsirekas (Xanthi)
apricot and lavender meringue dress sprinkled with sugar-coated edible flowers

A Galan of Shells by Arthur Galan and John Susman (Cloudy Bay Fish Co.)
Kinkawooka mussels and Cloudy Bay clam shells, on a silk tie, side slouch blouse
A Galan of Shells by Arthur Galan and John Susman (Cloudy Bay Fish Co.)
tight fitting nori-seaweed, leather inspired pants


  1. That is so cool... where was I?!

    Nora Finds

  2. I remember seeing this from pedestrian tv but the photos weren't that great. Glad you took way better photo's. They all look amazing.

    L O M A N I

  3. Hahha this is the greatest! How did I miss this. I think that mussel vest takes the cake!


  4. Food and fashion, how cool is it? My most favourite has to be the suit and the pandan leaf shorts!

  5. I got to check it out in person! Not sure if I want to eat any of those though the nori pants would kind of taste alright..

  6. I'm kinda in love with the word foothing. good work Dang! hahahah

  7. so weird but love the neon dress xxx

  8. really! awesome pictures! and I looove your header!

    Jess xxx

  9. hmm looks so tasty!


  10. How have I not commented on this.. I swear I have just lurked your blog in the past..

    xoxo Domenic