Wednesday 7 December 2011

Tafe Fashion Show

I'm wearing: May Day Market Top
Levi Skinnies
Jeffery Campbell Shoes
Some random perspex bangle thing from ebay

And Jackson is wearing a Provocator Top

I was very excited to go see the Ultimo Tafe fashion show with my dear friend Jackson the other night. It was a two/three hour freaken long ass fashion show that showcased all the years works. Nevertheless it was heaps of fun and it was good to see the final outfits that these students have devoted the year towards.

I thought most of the outfits were too whimsical, too over the top and something I would see on the streets of Japan. However, a few stood out that showed vast potential for the future. In addition, Jackson's friend, Deng (Yes very similar names, we could almost be twinzzzz) won a first year competition for his piece.So congratulations to Deng who wasn't even going to come on the night.
P.S - I could only take photos of the first year students works as well, due to my camera was running low on battery :(.
So this is Deng's work. I thought it was very reminisce of Balenciaga s/s 2008 

and here are the rest of the outfits - The theme was ceramics from around the world

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